I reach the 2000 points and I want to withdraw can you tell me how?
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Send a private message to the admin. The link to admin message will get from answeree reward page or FAQ page at the bottom of home page.
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Go to your profile ensure you have the correct PayPal or skrill email.

Go to a palce where it is written earning or eligible if you have reached the minimum for withrawal.

After clicking it you should see the next step. 
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If you are a newbie, then you can redeem the $2. The best way is to request the payment from the Administrator directly. But, you need to wait on the 5th to 7th next month. 
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I don't think it was that easy , i ask them and they transfer to me within 15 minutes.perfect
Oh, I see. I think it is best they still pay. I am grateful that they are still operating and that includes CrazyOff and askcat.
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You can get paid by either through PayPal or Skrill after reaching the minimum payout points of two thousand which is equal to two dollars.

In oder to get paid you must send a private message to the answeree admin to approve you for payment. 
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It's like you have reached the threshold for a newbie So If you want to withdraw just go to the FAQ page at the bottom of home page and you private message the administrator for your payment
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