I was on a train when one young man was scolded for not giving his seat to the elderly, so I was wondering if it is ethical to give your paid seat to someone because he or she is an elderly person.
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Yes it is ethical to give our seat to old people even if we pay for it , what I observe these days and find it not ethical that young people don't respect old people at all and even they don't think to give their seat to them.

In the old days it was different , there was more respect for old people and even for women, when an old man or even a young woman enter the bus and there is not seat we used to get up and give our seats.as for today there is no respect at all old men and women stay standing in the bus or train while young people keep sitting ignoring them.
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Yes, it is ethical to give your seat to the elderly on a train or bus. Even if you paid for your seat you should give your seat to the elderly people as you pay respect to the old ones. It is understandable that at their age and for health reasons they should not be standing that long for travel in a bus or train. We should also consider giving our seats not only to elderly people but also to pregnant women, adults with small children or babies, and people with disability.
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It is also being practiced in my country Philippines. For me, it is how we respect elders or old people. I should say that it is a standard norm for us to be good people in the world.
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In our country india, we teaches kids from young ages to respect and be obeying to elders. There is a proverb that give respect and take respect. On doing a good deed, god will rewards us. So we have to give seats to elders,blind and anticipated persons
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