Can the planet Mars support human life, and are there water and forest like planet Mars?
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Till date, there's been no prove of life in past and present times in mars. It's been said that the atmospheric air contains mostly of carbon dioxide and thus is too cold for life.
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No definitely not. It is revealed that there is storm and a wild environment there on Mars and this is strictly not supporting life on earth. Hence please don't dream to live on Mars! 
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Even up to this date, experts have not proven that we can live in Mars. They just gave some theories that humans are possible to live here.
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So far so good no one has ever lived in mars. However the astronauts say that there is a possibility that the planet may support life.

Maybe in the years to come man would fulfill that dream to live in the entire planet but as for now that still remains a dream for man
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Mars has a carbon dioxide atmosphere and lots of water. Maybe if they could find a way to pump oxygen and make the soil fertile for plants we could be living there in let's say 50 to 100 years.
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