Can over stressing the human body lead to death. 
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Yes I would say. It leads to fustration which leads to depression then death.

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Yes definitely more stress definitely create bad impact of health and result to be kill the life.

Stress create below problem also.

Heart attack 

Kidney failure 


Eye problem

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Over stressing will definitely lead to negative thoughts. The condition where you are tired with life and feel that you are done with life is called depression. Depression can eventually lead to death by suicide. 
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Yes, too much stress is not good for anyone's body. It might even anxiety and later on, too much depression that you might bring yourself to death if you cannot handle it by yourself anymore. This too much stress might lead you to serious illness later on that you wouldn't like to happen when that time comes.
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Too much stress can actually kill you if you don't take the appropriate measures. It can damage your nervous system by generating a constant adrenaline rush, this can cause death.
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Stress can't kill but can can lead us to think to kill ourselves. It can make our mind mentally unstable . It can make us think all kind of thoughts including death is better option compare to living . We should take stress but also have complete control over our minds to prevent such thoughts.
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Anything that is too much can be fatal, including stress. Stress disturbs our sleep cycle and does affect our daily routine this further results in loss of appetite and may lead to weakness and so on and on.
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If a person does not have enough rest and sleep, it can lead to death if doing it in years. For the reason that it will compromise his or her immune system. Once it is compromised, the person will get sick and if it is worsen, death will be the end result.
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I disagree with you , stress can be for a while and you have to get out the negative thoughts and think positive.

Once you think negative you can attract the bad things .
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Yes too much stress is very dangerous to human health. As you know too much stress results to depression.

Stress also causes high blood pressure which can develop many health complications such as stroke,and other non communicable diseases.

All these deseases are deadly and can cause deaths readily. 

Many people have lost lives due to stress.
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Indeed, a lot of pressure isn't really great for anybody's body. It could even nervousness and later on, a lot of melancholy that you could carry yourself to death in the event that you can't deal with it without help from anyone else any longer. This a lot of pressure could lead you to difficult sickness later on that you don't want to happen when that opportunity arrives.
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