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I think the earth has reached it's maximum carrying capacity. We humans are so insensitive about our environment. We keep breeding and building infrastructures and cutting down trees and polluting the environment (air, water, soil) without even realizing that we are killing the only planet that we can live in. It is evident already that the earth cannot support the growing population -- we have climate change, melting of the glaciers, animal species getting extinct, pollution, strong typhoons, massive earthquakes, less and less available resources, all because we humans are selfish. People should realize that we have only the earth, nothing else, not Mars, not Kepler 62-F, nothing. Just this one Earth. Sure you could say, we can just all migrate to Kepler 62-F, but by the time that planet is proven to be really inhabitable, we would probably all be long gone not by old age but because of the diseases brought about by the increasing degradation of our own planet.

So, no. The Earth cannot support anymore the growing human population. We don't even have enough food in our country anymore. And this is just our country with 103.3 million people as of 2016.
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From my personal view I think the earth will still accommodate more humans no matter how many humans are on earth but the problem might be limited resources but for space yes even some areas in some countries are left bare, people aren't even settling there.

The earth is about 123 billion acres in size and about 37 billion is mere land,so there's still huge space for the population of people on earth now. According to PRB population reference bureau they are about 7.6 billion people on earth so with this statistic add or subtract, there will still be more space for incoming humans and we shouldn't forget the death rate for each year at least statistic shows that 55.6 million people die on earth yearly. So earth will still support the growing human population.
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Yes earth can still support the growing population. However support isn't limited to space but also the availability of resources in that space taking into account of social, economical and political factors. There may be vast land somewhere with little or no resources and hence you find endowed places highly populated.

Although nature has a way of balancing the earths population through death rate, natural disasters, wars etc, human population still grows exponentially and there's need for humans to control the population in order for earth to sustain us. There's the need to reduce the exploitation of the environment, the pollution and endangering animals. These are the factors that make up the earth and without them there wouldn't be humans since we are interdependent and we coexist.
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I agree that the human population on our earth is growing very fast at an alarming rate on the one hand and its many natural resources are getting depleted. Our environment is also at peril. In spite of all this, we can say that the earth can still support the ever growing human population. How do I say this?

It is because, even though human population is growing fast, deaths also takes place. The birth and death ratio may not be promising still it creates a balance. Above all, nature may be having its own method of correcting things that go wrong on its soil. The human population have been there for millions of years before and it will continue to do so.
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Yes the earth can surely hold the human population,  we should not forget the fact that people are also dying too which tends to set a balance in the population density.
The world population of the world has not really grown to an extent that the earth which is about 123 billion in acres can not hold.

On the issue of availability of resources,  there are lots of resources that are yet to be tapped of which if the available ones are well managed and the untapped ones are tapped we would have enough resources to sustain us.

God that created the earth did that in best way and will definitely do everything to ensure the earth hold us,  though there are people living in other planets though not because the earth is over populated probably a research to ensure there is plan B in case the earth get over populated.
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No. I am not sure about this. Do you know that in a minute, there are 1000 people dying in different cases, whether by accidents, typhoons, or illness or sudden death. The number of death is bigger than the number of birth on some countries, but not on my country, sadly. The problems with money is one cause of stealing and killings. It is like battle of the fit test, only the stronger survive. Even the number of typhoons per year and the results of typhoon are really cringing because it is getting severe every month. You started to think if you are going to be the next victim of nature. I think mother earth is deducting or lessening the number of people because the earth couldn't handle the population. It needs to be balance but it is not.

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