I'm into this particular project and to complete it, without minding the workmanship, l need financial support. So who help me? The person can contact me by sending a private message or even possibly, replying to this post
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Try to borrow a loan from a bank of your preferred choice.

Do your math properly and make sure the total expenses of the loan does not exceed the profits from the entire project.
A loan from non profit organizations, institutions and banks such as the gulf banks is highly recommended.
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Financial assistance is any type of monetary help or aid that a person, organization, or government receives. The financial assistance may be in the form of guarantees, loans, cost-sharing arrangements, subsidies, or welfare payments.
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I understand you man I know you're probably a Ghanaian, bro the truth is no one is willing to make an investment without good returns on them even the NGOs make profit, so bro I guess you actively participate on answeree and other paying sites, so that you can earn some cash, don't rely on anyone to give you free cash for nothing done unless that person is your family member. The world has changed bro Mannar won't fall from heaven again. Just hustle hard bro. 
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I am not a Ghanaian, there are still futural investors who are still interested in money creating individuals and not money disposers
Sorry bro my bad, for saying that. I wish you luck though. Let pray you get a worthy company to financially sponsor all your projects.
There's no problem about that, any right-hearted individual or entity can still be of assistance. It's only one thing that's acting as a hedge towards my achievements, buh l'll continue to press forward until it's achieved with no body's help, l can do it even without anyone. But it's only hard because no **important tool** to get started. Much Obliged
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