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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
My role model has always been my dad, a believer,a man that stands for all that is good,a good judge,a powerful man of God,a minister and a chartered accountant.

I have grown up to meet him as a perfect gentleman that represent and stands for anything just and impartial and I always try to emulate this .He taught me hard work at a very young age.He will always tell us work has never killed anyone and see every work as organized play and you never feels the weight of working and this as been my driving force.I keep working and loving it just as a mere play.

My dad inspires me a lot and looking up to him as a role model always add a spring to my heels to always get up and move.
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answered by ELITE (4,084 points) 7 27 72
Mine was always my grandmother when she was alive. She was such a wise old bird and I could tell her anything. If I was upset or worried about anything she would always offer advice which made me feel better. Now I am a grandmother myself and bringing up my granddaughter so I hope I can be such a great role model to her.

I don't think I have a role model now as I am in my sixties and most of the people I looked up to have passed on. I have good friends that I admire but I am my own person now and I hope that younger people will look up to me and come to me for advice.

Although it's good to have someone to look up to and guide you through life not all role models are good.  Unfortunately my granddaughter's parents are very bad role models which she wasn't able to see when she was little. Thankfully now she is older she can see the error of their ways and does not want to be like them.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 67
My parents have always been my role models. I could not thank and admire them enough for having to go through all the troubles of parenthood.

There are times when we would just sit together and talk about how we were able to survive such tough times. My father had to do multiple jobs to be able to support us while my mother always make sure that we are taken care of. She taught us our A, B, Cs and 1, 2, 3s. They both nourished us with love and values that set the foundation of our individuality. For me, they are the reason that I have become what I am now.

There is nothing that can compare to the love that my parents have showered us.
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 27
when I come across questions like this I tend to shy away because it seems like I'm the only person who doesn't have one particular figure that I call "my role model." It even gets worse when I hear things like "you can't achieve your dreams If you don't have a role model or a mentor" and things like that.

Having a role model can be important but I do not feel like it is a necessity as others picture it.
There are a lot of people that I admire and respect. I listen to their words of wisdom and advices. I study their ways and roles in the society, pick the good ones and filter the bad ones out. If I were to give out the title "role model", it would be a really long list of people and some even younger than I am.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,061 points) 5 21 52
I have always looked up to 4 people in my life. I looked up to my dad, my grandmother, my grandfather, and my uncle. I had a different reason for looking up to all of them.

My grandmother was a strong woman who was born in **** and died in 1996. She lived through the wars and the depression. Her husband died when her youngest child was only 12 years old. She kept the family together and kept on working and making a good life for her daughter. This is my mom. I loved how she taught me so many things that were important in life and she made an excellent role model for me when I needed a mother the most. I lived with her and went to school and she was better than my own mom. I'll never forget what I learned from her.

I meet my uncle when I was 13 when I went to go live with him in Hawaii to learn English. He was a strong man and really taught us what it meant to do our best in all that we do in life. He moved to Hawaii after WWII and opened his own business. He is a successful businessman and well respected. He taught me how important that is in my life.
When I was very young my dad was the one who was always there for us. I left way too young in life and missed so much of his knowledge and wisdom. But what he taught me when I was young was respect and how to stand up for what is right and don't let people lead you down the wrong path in life.

My grandfather was special and I'd visit him during the summer. He was strict and taught us how to act around people, how to eat at the table, but most of all I loved the time I spent with him in the garage building race cars. He taught me how to drive when I was only 12 and I would test his race cars for him on the track. He taught me responsibility and how to listen and not think I know everything in life.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I have a role model but he is no longer with me. He is a long time friend. We started knowing each other on both of our first job. He is not the type that he shows off but he inspires me in managing money. By asking lots of questions about how to do it, I learned his struggles but he never stop saving money. He helps me on how to do it so I get inspire and now I am doing it. He is my role model because since I know him, I am always on a good path. I know my decisions are all right when I am with him. He gave me advises. He is not perfect but he is my role model from being consistent. He is now in London, working as a programmer. He is earning good money. He is not my boyfriend but only a big brother to me and a big brother he is for taking care of me and my decisions in life.
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answered by (299 points) 1 12 22
This is a bit of a cliche but my role model is actually my mom. She has always been strong and has always been there for us. She's like a rock. My dad passed away when i was only three years old. My brother and sister were 6 and 7 then. We were living in my dad's family house when he was still alive. When he died, my grandfather tried to marry one of his sons (my dad's brother) to my mom because they said she'd have a lot of money because she's a teacher. Another one tried to make  move on her. She didn't budge. Why would she? So they kicked us out of the house. We rented a room in an apartment, the four of us. She wasn't just teaching, she was selling stuff, she was an AVON girl, she was making treats that she can sell in school, she was staying up late doing typing jobs, just so she can make ends meet. No one offered to help her. She raised us all on her own. I am currently taking up my Masters in Microbiology at the premier university in the country and i am so proud and lucky that she is my mom. I will forever look up to her and forever be grateful for all the things that she has done and is still doing for us. People ask me how it is to grow up without a dad. I always them that my mom was also my dad. She was strong and soft at the same time. She has always loved and understood us but always knew when to discipline us. I am so glad she is my mom.
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answered by LEGEND (6,395 points) 6 14 36
My mom is my role model. It takes every lady to be mother but for her she's a mom(very caring, ever concerned and loving). She's that kind of a mom who can do anything for her kids even if it takes sacrificing her life for our sake, in short she's very self less. Despite of the troubles we've been upto since we were toddlers, she's never given up on life but rather remained strong.

All I always pray is that God should continue giving her life so that very soon she'll be enjoying fruits of my labour. She's the best mom ever and if can comfortably share my thoughts with her and she'll be honest to tell me if its right or wrong.
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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
My role model has always been my elder brother. A man that never waver in his actions. Once he take his stance nobody can influence his decision. An epitome of what true astuteness is. I don't only see him as role a model, but also as a father because when our dad passed away, and when everything was getting pretty rough for everyone in the family, he was the pillar that held everybody together.

Him been seen as role model by me, I guess, it's as a result of me spending most of my developmental years with him. He thought me to always stand for what is right. I count myself privileged to have benefited from his tutelage, because I don't think there would have been a better role model who would have instilled discipline in me. He made me to understand that there is possibility in every opportunity one chooses to maximize.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
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There are quiet a lot of people on the list of role models for me, but among them are two closest to me, am talking about my dad and mum.

My dad is is retired army colonel. His a great dad and a damn good soldier. Although during his service years the family never got to spend much time with him, i fancied him a lot and always wanted to lead a life like his. His a decorated war veteran having to have had more than four tours in many different war torn apart countries. His a part of many soldiers who sacrificed everything to make Liberia a democratic state today. He also made tours in Lebanon during their troubled 80's helping make the country which is shadow of what they are today. He was in the special forces, he speaks multiple local and foreign languages. Amongst his honors are the military medal of honor, military star award, etc, some of which are the highest military honors that can be given to a soldier. I mean, who wouldn't want a dad like him and live such a meaningful life that has touched the lives of many positively?

My mum can't be left out on this subject. She's a very strong woman, one of the strongest i've ever come across. She brought us up and made a part of who we are today. She guided us through our troubled times, especially in those critical years when our dad was overseas fighting in other countries. I bet her prayers are the reasons why we are where we are today. I want to able to be strong like her and have all the good qualities she possess like kindness, rationality and faithfulness.

I can keep on going with the list. But am afraid, I might be over answering the question. So, i'll leave it at this. My dad and my mum are the two most important role models in my life.

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