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The world wrestling entertainment or WWE has been very much popular and most of the viewers are kids and teenagers. But I think those fights are acting and shows are preplanned. Is this a real sport or fake gimmick to attract audience? Aren't those winners are fixed even before a match? Are the injuries in WWE real? Any proof out there?
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It is rehearsed. I observed that they are doing it on timing and it is scripted. They are just making a drama to sell the wrestling. Nothing is true. All are drama. I was young when I found this out.

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WWE or the old WWF later changed their name to WWE is really a pro fake. Yes it is a professional acting and are pre-planned shows. The winners are decided even before a month while they have their rehearsals. If they fight in such a way as seen on TV then they won't be able to come again for the show. But injuries are real sometimes as this is a stunt performance. But not at everytime.
The WWE shows are aimed to generate revenue through ads, WWE products, games and various licensing under their brand name.
Anyway don't try this at home, hehe!
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I think they might fight for food and for nothing else laugh

It's a fake show. A man with a brain can never ever think of such a stupid show to be real.

And I recommend, do not allow children to watch this kind of cruelty even if it is fake. Instead teach then to love everyone and everything in this nature.

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