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For me no, because we are just human in under any circumstances, sometimes we need to lie to protect someone or ourselves.

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A human being can live a life devoid of lies. It is a possibility but not a reality. Even the most righteous people tell lies. There are plenty of circumstances in life where telling a lie is actually the right thing to do. Most times you don't want to hurt other people's feelings, break their hope or their determination.
I Know I've told many lies before. It was not to protect myself or for the fear of what people would say. It was to protect my loved ones. But we need to know when to draw the line between when someone really needs to hear the truth even if it hurts and when someone is better off without the truth.
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I do believe this question was asked in the past. The answer would have to be NO. No matter how hard you try to be honest and tell the truth all of the time there will be one or two times when you need to stretch the truth or even tell a lie to not hurt a person. I had to lie to my brother when my grandmother died. My brother was so sick in the hospital and they thought he was going to die. I was asked to not tell him that my grandmother had just died. The doctors wanted to spear him the grief of her death and didn't want him to know until he was out of danger. They thought it would do more harm than good if he found out. When he asked about grandma and how she was doing, I had no choice but to tell him she was still the same and there weren't any changes. He already knew she was in a coma and hanging on but he was worried she had passed. Well, the truth was she did pass and I told him she was the same. In the end when he did recover he never forgave me for telling him this lie.
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Definitely not. Sometimes it is necessary for us to tell small lies to save hurting a person's feelings. If we always answered truthfully I don't think many of us would have friends! Of course it isn't right to continually lie just for the sake of it or to get ourselves out of trouble and I think we all know someone who lies compulsively for no real reason. That certainly isn't right.

When my mum died she would ask us questions that would have hurt her if we told the truth about family members who didn't bother with her so we would tell her that they wanted to see her but they were busy with work. She would have been so upset if she had known the truth so I think this kind of lie is acceptable. Being too blunt and truthful can be very hurtful to people.
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I believe we can if we want to be telling the truth all the time, there's nothing beyond humans capability but it just that we just want things to control us.

I'm arguing this on the premise that one wouldn't be judged after saying the truth or be punished. Why do people lie it basically to get away with whatever bad outcome will come with the truth but if it was just to find out the truth and nothing more, people wouldn't be lying.

If i know nothing will be done about my truth then I would go ahead with the truth.So this is to say that we can live without lying but the outcome of truth most times keep us away from saying the truth.
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Human is just a human. They are prone of making mistakes. They are prone to lie to save themselves. They are prone to lie to save someone. To save from arguments, to save from prison, avoiding something bad to happen. Even little kids lie. Yes, they say that children do not lie, but I don't think so, they lie. I see my nephew, who is 2 years old and he lie to me. It is impossible for someone not to lie. I think it is everyone's decision to lie. There are white lies to save themselves, there are lies to save the human kind, to make something discreet. Sometimes lying is not bad at all. Sometimes lying is there to help someone. Lie itself has a big purpose but everyone should accept the consequence of lying because you get what give in this world.
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Yes. It all depends on one's upbringing. If you were brought up in a family that never lies (which i'm not quite sure exists), then you most probably will never lie. I believe it's just a matter of nature vs. nurture. Then again, this will actually spiral back to the question about being right vs being kind, because we all know that sometimes we have to lie to be "kind" to people because of course we don't want to hurt their feelings. I think if someone never lies, he/she wouldn't have a lot of friends because people will just hate on him/her for always telling the truth. Probably be branded pious too and uptight. But if we're only asking the possibility of living and not lying at all, of course, it is possible. You can even live and lie your entire life. But that's a whole different fiasco.

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