Do you think it is possible for people to live and never lie at all?
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For me no, because we are just human in under any circumstances, sometimes we need to lie to protect someone or ourselves.
It's not possible as there will be a moment where you must need to lie to save yourself or someone very close to you

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A human being can live a life devoid of lies. It is a possibility but not a reality. Even the most righteous people tell lies. There are plenty of circumstances in life where telling a lie is actually the right thing to do. Most times you don't want to hurt other people's feelings, break their hope or their determination.
I Know I've told many lies before. It was not to protect myself or for the fear of what people would say. It was to protect my loved ones. But we need to know when to draw the line between when someone really needs to hear the truth even if it hurts and when someone is better off without the truth.
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As of now and so on I will consider these logistics as to be very legit and wise to aim on better outcomes for the question asked above.
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I do believe this question was asked in the past. The answer would have to be NO. No matter how hard you try to be honest and tell the truth all of the time there will be one or two times when you need to stretch the truth or even tell a lie to not hurt a person. I had to lie to my brother when my grandmother died. My brother was so sick in the hospital and they thought he was going to die. I was asked to not tell him that my grandmother had just died. The doctors wanted to spear him the grief of her death and didn't want him to know until he was out of danger. They thought it would do more harm than good if he found out. When he asked about grandma and how she was doing, I had no choice but to tell him she was still the same and there weren't any changes. He already knew she was in a coma and hanging on but he was worried she had passed. Well, the truth was she did pass and I told him she was the same. In the end when he did recover he never forgave me for telling him this lie.
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You are very wise and understanding,I like your point of view on the Matter at hand and you have enlightened me.
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Definitely not. Sometimes it is necessary for us to tell small lies to save hurting a person's feelings. If we always answered truthfully I don't think many of us would have friends! Of course it isn't right to continually lie just for the sake of it or to get ourselves out of trouble and I think we all know someone who lies compulsively for no real reason. That certainly isn't right.

When my mum died she would ask us questions that would have hurt her if we told the truth about family members who didn't bother with her so we would tell her that they wanted to see her but they were busy with work. She would have been so upset if she had known the truth so I think this kind of lie is acceptable. Being too blunt and truthful can be very hurtful to people.
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Enlighting one another and sharing of adequate information is what we are all there for, i find you to be quite enlightening on this matter.
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I believe we can if we want to be telling the truth all the time, there's nothing beyond humans capability but it just that we just want things to control us.

I'm arguing this on the premise that one wouldn't be judged after saying the truth or be punished. Why do people lie it basically to get away with whatever bad outcome will come with the truth but if it was just to find out the truth and nothing more, people wouldn't be lying.

If i know nothing will be done about my truth then I would go ahead with the truth.So this is to say that we can live without lying but the outcome of truth most times keep us away from saying the truth.
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Your idea is legit and I would rate it a five out of five because of the wisdom in the paragraph above.
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Human is just a human. They are prone of making mistakes. They are prone to lie to save themselves. They are prone to lie to save someone. To save from arguments, to save from prison, avoiding something bad to happen. Even little kids lie. Yes, they say that children do not lie, but I don't think so, they lie. I see my nephew, who is 2 years old and he lie to me. It is impossible for someone not to lie. I think it is everyone's decision to lie. There are white lies to save themselves, there are lies to save the human kind, to make something discreet. Sometimes lying is not bad at all. Sometimes lying is there to help someone. Lie itself has a big purpose but everyone should accept the consequence of lying because you get what give in this world.
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Highly true and justifyable I made some research of my own and found this to be quite reliable.
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Yes. It all depends on one's upbringing. If you were brought up in a family that never lies (which i'm not quite sure exists), then you most probably will never lie. I believe it's just a matter of nature vs. nurture. Then again, this will actually spiral back to the question about being right vs being kind, because we all know that sometimes we have to lie to be "kind" to people because of course we don't want to hurt their feelings. I think if someone never lies, he/she wouldn't have a lot of friends because people will just hate on him/her for always telling the truth. Probably be branded pious too and uptight. But if we're only asking the possibility of living and not lying at all, of course, it is possible. You can even live and lie your entire life. But that's a whole different fiasco.
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If anyone is looking for an answer to this question I mean why not just look at it from this perspective it is quite wise.
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Sometimes saying lies for something good is also important. Don't take me wrong, nor I m promoting to say lies but for betterment and good sometimes by saying lies if someone's good will happen then that lie is not the lie which will be harmful. 

So exactly as we are humans we need to protect someone and for that sometimes we need to say lie.
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This message Is quite clear and deeply thought through I believe it is a way forward for all.
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No. I don't think we can't live without lies. We need to say lie at some circumstances to protect ourselves.That is called good lies. 

Every human in this world telling lies. 
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Wonderfully presented and am sure it is based on a high level of research and understanding from you as an individual.
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People may live together, may interact each other but not telling a lie is impossible.  Lying is a way of life. It may be small or big or it may depend on the purpose of a person.
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Well said a lie can be small or big, and sometimes even good or bad. It is a part of life sometimes we lie knowingly, sometimes unknowingly, and sometimes according to the situation.
Important and ver reasonable information that should be considered when trying to understand this topic/question.
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No. I don't think that it is possible to live and never lie at all. This is the Human nature. Everyone lies in their life either for their benefits or for the benefits of others.
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Indeed this is true I am glad you see things from this perspective because this is quite right and amazing.
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It is possible for people who have reach a certain development hierarchy of living, life are of standards and classes. Pressure makes people to compromise, but we develop and attain of a certain level of development we shade our weak points like lying and other weak characters. 
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I didn't know this,but now I know this is very useful information about the matter at hand.
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People do lie without ever thinking. It just comes on the lips. It is because we love to hide the truth always. White lies are the most.
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I don't think we lie just because we love to hide the truth always, but sometimes lie depends on various conditions.
This is quite true most people at times don't see it from this point of view and now I see and understand what you are trying to say.
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Being told the truth, no matter what we may be confers the feeling of respect upon the recipient. Telling someone the truth even if you know it will hurt them shows that you are willing 
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By reading this I have managed to add up on my knowledge about this topic this is very useful information about the topic.
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No, it is absolutely not possible that we can live life without lying.

There are many such changes in life when we have to lie even without wanting. Now whether it is to save someone's life or to give someone a benefit.
We should not lie, but it was a lie that was spoken to save someone's life is equal to thousand truth.
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I share your point of view,infact I think we agree on this,am glad you see things this way because it is indeed the best.Obviously we have no choice not to because at the end of the day it's best for us,we have to be able to stand up for what is right.
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Not possible, even the so kind person would tell a lie when they need to make someone happy, to safe someone's life, to avoid a fight, or to tell a fake story about kindness in intention to make someone doing kpthe same kindness too.
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Obviously we have no choice not to because at the end of the day it's best for us,we have to be able to stand up for what is right.Generally your idea is quite wise and eligible for stimulating good thinking and the right mindset keep it up.
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It's not always easy to live without lying. Sometimes we may lie to protect ourselves, our children, family kor friends and it works out for us saving them. But I would advice people should not lie just for the sake of it. You will lose people's trust and you will have no friends nor people to believe you even if you are genuine. 
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In my opinion, most of the time we lie not for ourselves, but for the happiness and safety of our loved ones.
Obviously we have no choice not to because at the end of the day it's best for us,we have to be able to stand up for what is right.I share your point of view,infact I think we agree on this,am glad you see things this way because it is indeed the best.
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Even an honest  and lovable person would  resort to a  white  lie when the circumstances asked  for it. Even if it is a white lie, it is still  a lie.
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I share your point of view,infact I think we agree on this,am glad you see things this way because it is indeed the best.I find this article quite reasonable and knowledgeable infact most people might not see it this way,am glad you do.
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YES,it's a pact of dignity with your self,you don't do it for someone ore something,but you do it for your self,because not lying at all prooves the fact that you build up other skills than lies to manage in life,knowing that with lies you cannot go far away.
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As of now and so on I will consider these logistics as to be very legit and wise to aim on better outcomes for the question asked above.Generally convincing and understandable I am now seeing things in a different point of view after reading this answer.
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Current thinking about the psychological processes involved in deception holds that people typically tell the truth more easily than they tell a lie and that lying requires far more cognitive resources. All this deciding and self-control implies that lying is managed by the prefrontal cortex. The region at the front of the brain is responsible for executive control, which includes such processes as planning and regulating emotions and behavior.
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Basically this point of view is very very legit and understandable let's hope people can take it in the right way.
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No, it's not possible to not lie. Every human being is a liar, in some way. There is a considerable amount of lying which is normal and expected by society. There is a portion of it which people find unacceptable if you don't lie.
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Generally convincing and understandable I am now seeing things in a different point of view after reading this answer.
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