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I don't really have much say on this wish because looking at it holistically, you would know that it is beyond mere wish. When it's time to return home, I don't think there's anything anybody can do about it. I wasn't the one who that brought myself here and definitely it won't be me that would decide when to leave too.

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I really want to live a long and fulfilling life. I believe that there's so much that I want from life and there's also so much that I have to give. There's a lot to experience and explore. For all of my dreams to be a reality, I need longer time on earth. I want to live until my grannies. Only after all that will I want to rest eternally.

I don't want to be a burden to anyone hence I wouldn't want to start fading away before I finally die. I'll settle with enjoying life now as someone once told me, "take all you can from life right now because once life starts taking from you, it takes everything until it takes your last breath."
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Now that is a good question. I wouldn't mind living until I am in my 90's like my two grandmother's were when they died. However, if I am to live that long I hope it will be in good health and in good mind like one of my grandmothers. One of them was in perfect health and had her mind when she died. The other one had some health issues.  lived in a wheelchair and had problems remembering anyone most of the time. She decided to live the last 17 years of her life in a nursing home and have people taking care of her. She had basically given up because she couldn't remember people and she just got angry all the time.
I don't want to be a burden on anyone or live out the last of my days in some rest home. If I am sick and have lost my mind I feel it is better off for me and others around me that I am not here any longer. So to tell you how long I want to live will depend on my mind and my body and what type of health I am in.
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It all depends on how well I am. My father had very good health right up to the end of his life but his death was very sudden as he died from a blood clot to the heart at the age of 78. He had a pain between his shoulder blades for a day or two and when he felt better he got out of bed and just collapsed and died. There was no real suffering apart from the terrible shock to us, his family.

My mother lived until she was 90 but she was in a terrible state at the end. She had poor mobility and dementia, she was often anxious without knowing why and when she went, although I was sad, I was also relieved for her as she had no quality of life.

If I had a choice I think I would prefer to  die at the age my dad did. He enjoyed life right to the end  and even though I wish he had lived a few years more it's all to do with quality of life and not about the number of years we can last out.
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I wish to live for longer times. I think living at life at present is quite a struggle with all the problems with money, relationship and even having your own home but everyday, I get stronger and stronger because I keep on facing these problems most of the time. I do want to live longer because I do want to experience a lot of things in life. I want to see flying cars. I want to see people using Teleport as their transportation, you know the kind of things that looks impossible but very possible to do with human minds. There are more to do and many dreams to work on to come true. I want to make it happen. I still want to do my purpose. Living for long makes me a person worth of living here on Earth and surely I will give my all to share a legacy in this world.
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I dont want to live very long. I'm quite scared of being left alone. I am an introvert but i honestly dont want to be the last one to go. It's quite sad to be left alone in this world, i mean i don't know if i'd be left alone or not, i might have grandkids or something, but the thought of it kinda makes me sad. Plus, being old seems so stressful, not only for me but for everyone around me. I don't want to burden people with my sickness (we all know old age comes with lots of different kinds of sickness). I don't want to be the reason their energies and life are getting sucked out of them.
Man, this question just made me sad. I am now picturing myself getting rejected by my children and grandkids because they can't handle me anymore, they can't handle my sickness and old age anymore. And i am picturing them in the kitchen while i sit in the living room talking to each other about me, pointing at each other who should take me. Oh gosh, this is one depressing question.
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Life is beautiful, who wouldn't want to live long and enjoy this beautiful place as long as one is in good health and have some money to always make things happen.

I wouldn't want to live forever I believe life might be a bored if it is so but living to see my third generation wouldn't be a bad idea.

I'm looking forward to being the best in-law, Granny and great Granny to my immediate family .Will love to see even my grandkids grow up.

I will love to experience and maybe use new technologies. I know what we have now is just a tip of what is coming in future and I wouldn't mind to be a partaker of this advancement.
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Sometimes I wish to live forever. I am so in love with life, the struggles that comes with it, the new things that I learn, new places that I visit, the people I meet and the goals that I set for the future. I want this to last forever but that is not possible so I encourage myself to live life fully and never mind when the last day will come.
I am happy to be this resilient person who never gives up even in the toughest moment of life. I have seen people wish they could die when troubles come, others have even committed suicide. When I face trouble in life, I usually take time to imagine the good things that will happen when the trouble is over and that keeps me going. Therefore, I don't have a set amount of time that I want to live, I just want to live life fully.
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