Are there sites that I can be able to cash out in say. Sites that I can be able to work and cash out in a day or cash out ileven if it is a small amount of money. 
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Websites only pay small amounts of money for little activities done, those offering large amounts for the same work done are sometimes illegitimate, so if you want a website that you can cash out same day will require massive efforts and activities from you to be able to cash out same day .
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I researched this exact same question before.  There is no sites that give the ability to cash out in one day, all sites take days to complete task and then you need at least $5 to $10 dollars to cash out.
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I am yet to find a site that enables you to cash out in a day. You can settle for ones that enables you to cash out n a few days
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Can you mention some of them that you work in and you are sure it pays. Most forums and sites that am in takes weeks to earn something. 
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It is a true fact that no sites or app that pay daily. In youtube we can find so many sites. But when we work on it it came to fake one.
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Unfortunately with online work you have to wait. There are a couple but you have to do tones of wotk. You be better with price !watching or coupon sites. You can use the! as soon as you get the coupon.Like or websavers,ca
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For me I have been in the online earning industry for a couple of years now and I have never seen such a site.

If at all you came across a site that claims to pay you in a day then you must question the legitimacy for that site 
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It would be dissatisfying to say that there are no earning sites like this here and there. I wish we could find a site or sites to give us more earnings daily.
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Okay so everyones answer is no here but mine is YES tgere is a app calles street bees it gives you some tasks about what food you ate and about that yiu hust need ti answer some questions about your daily life each session as 10 questions so as soon as you ckmolete your task you are directly paid to your paypal
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Microworkers is a very good site for that. There are lots of jobs to pick from though it might take 2 days for confirmation. They pay via paypal, dwolla and skrill.
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I don't think there is any legit site that can pay in a day, most of these sites have a threshold that you must reach before being paid, even surveys don't pay in a day, So that's a no.
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