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It really pains me to know that there are babies dying very suddenly and that the cause remains unexplained. If anyone here knows valuable information about this, please leave a reply or an answer.

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This must be one of the most painful experiences for parents, to get to know your little baby and then have it cruelly snatched away and although it normally happens with babies it can also happen in adulthood too.
It usually occurs in sleep although it can happen when a baby is awake. When my babies were small it was thought that babies should be placed on their stomachs to sleep as this was the safest position. It is now believed that this could cause suffocation from bedclothes and the latest thinking is that babies should sleep on their backs.
There are still 300 unexplained deaths in babies in the UK and most of these are under 3 months old.  They are more common in cold weather and some have been put down to infections which were not detected because they came on so suddenly. In some cases there appeared to be no explanation. Some doctors believe it could be related to a baby's immature breathing, heartrate and waking system. Whatever the reason, I am truly grateful that my children survived as I know I worried about it after they were first born.
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Sudden infant death syndrome is the unexplainable death of an infant while at sleep. It is also known or called as 'Cot Syndrome' or 'Crib Death Syndrome' because most often than not, they died in their cribs. It is said that the infants may have low birth weight or brain defects not yet visible or recognizable.  When this happens, it is kind of tragic to parents. It is advised that if we have infants and babies, the crib should be near us so we can monitor the babies at night and while they are sleeping.  There are also other risk factors why there is sudden infant death syndrome. It could be that the mother is alcoholic during pregnancy or those who smoke cigarettes or those who do not have pre natal check up while pregnant.
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Oh I remember a friend who lost a child because of crib death. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is known as crib death or the baby died in the crib. My friend's baby died in the crib because her baby was sleeping on her stomach. Most of the reason of the sudden death of infant are these, are bed sharing, sometimes the father or mother lay their parts of the body on their baby that is too quite to handle, smoking because the baby could inhale the smoke and be the second hand smoker, overheating or even when you accidentally put a pillow on their face that will make them breath with difficulty. Sometimes the child itself have genetic disorder or heart problems that they died in their sleep. That is why every parent should take care of their child especially when they are sleeping.
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Honestly, it's a sad experience to parents for them to wake up to the heart breaking news that their new born baby is death. To make matter worst, the cause of the death is unknown. It would have been better if the cause of the death is explicable, but the mystery behind Sudden Infant Death System(SIDS) remains unresolved each time a baby sleeps he/she never wakes up again.

Interestingly, experts has made significant efforts to attribute SIDS to time of development of the baby, specific underlying susceptibility, and environmental stressors. Environmental factors such as the baby sleeping on his/her stomach or side, overheating and exposure to tobacco smoke, may be the cause. Environmental suffocation is another attributable cause of SIDS.
Another likable factor that cause SIDS could be time of birth of the baby. It is assumed babies born before 39 weeks of gestation are likely to die of SIDS. Infections, genetic disorders and heart problems might be other causes of sudden death in babies.
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Sudden infant death syndrome is the unexplainable death of infants. This is in fact a very painful situation that I can never wish upon anyone. It is more common to find that babies die in their cot. This could be as a result of sleeping position, location of the crib too.
Sudden death has also been attributed to genetic defects that weren't detected at pregnancy. Usual such foetus abort before birth and then the mother miscarries.
I don't think sudden infant death is restricted to cribs. Sometimes the child could be suffocating during breastfeeding or suffocation from bed and body parts. I also think the deaths have to the with the fact that the baby's systems are really immature and very sensitive to slightest changes in the environment. Breathing in fragrance, air contaminants etc.
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It can really be devastating for parent when a baby suddenly dies and these problem which medics refers to crib death have some explanations to it but in some cases no reason can be given and it seem it was meant to be so. Some reasons have been attributed like the following:
Congenital problem:  Baby that wasn't properly formed and have some defects at birth might not lived for long. So if a child has a brain defect like the portion that controls breathing and ability to arise from sleep hasn't formed properly the child is likely to die in his or her sleep, a child with low weight at birth or born prematurely is more prone to death or a child that had respiratory infections that finds it difficult to breathe properly is most likely to die at birth.
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Sudden infant death syndrome is actually a disturbing issue generally in most third world countries with limited facilities and technical knowledge to understand and detect real problems of babies. Many children are born at home, any type of razor or blade is used to cut the placenta or navel link. Some children are malnultrited and fed with bad foods, some women breast milk is poisoned and contaminated with infections, some environment is not suitable tto nurse an infant baby and just to mention but few. Children are actually the great gift from Gid, and parents should do all needful within their reach to protect them.

I've seen a baby who suffered from ion related infractions through the novel. The iron used to detach the placenta was not actually clean enough. So it harmed the baby and the doctors couldn't detect it on time till it was late. Many doctors this days don't even specialize. They prefer to always use try by error. Children might not survive such since the immune system is not strong enough.

The child's environment should be cleaned from  insects that could harm the baby.
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It is really sad and tragic for the family if your new born child died in no reasons behind it.Sudden death on infant still unknown by many doctors,  no one can say what is the reason behind of causing it. I was so scared too with my first son, since this is always tackled at the clinic before we can go out.That is why there are some restriction about co-sleeping with the infants, not putting anything that may cause from covering to the face of the infant,and of course safety sleeping bed for new born baby. I was really hesitant to follow what they telling me, yes I follow most of it except co-sleeping. I co-sleep with my two kids and luckily they grow out with it and seems they are fine.  I hope doctors can find out sooner what the reason of SID or sudden death of infant.

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