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You can have the authority of the particular photo even after sharing it on the vast sea of the internet! I would suggest you to use an Android app called Add Text and Timestamp on Gallery Photos. It is an amazing app to add stamps like Date and Timestamp, Watermark Logo, Signature Text and Location Stamp to protect your photos!

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First of all, watermarking your photos and videos will provide protection from people who might want to steal your work. Nowadays, it is easy for people to look for the images they like and it is even easier to download and use them for profit. Once the watermark is present, you will then know that one has committed a crime when they opted to use your photos and videos without your consent.

Next, watermarks on photos and videos can be a tool to popularize your work and your style. Having your information on your photos and videos will help viewers to easily remember you. And in case they become really interested in your works, it will also be easier for them to contact you if ever they want to offer partnerships or commissions.

If you are looking for tools or programs where you can add watermark, microsoft powerpoint offers a pretty simple procedure. Let me know if you need any help!
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Watermarking a photo or a video is just the same way one marks and protect his or her territory, same with photo and video, one want people to know that the photo and video naturally belongs to him or her  and others need permission to share in the usage.I don't like to do this with my photos because I will always loved to share but I don't blame those that does either when they're are thieves that assume they're too smart,they will steal the photos or video and then watermark it.So it better to watermark first hand to show

The original owner of the photos or videos

So that people will identify your job if you're a professional photographer or artist.
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Watermark on your videos or pictures only tell that you own the videos you are sharing online. You can share your pictures online but having it with watermark will make the world know that you own the pictures and if they want to use your pictures they need to tell it to you and when you agreed it for public use of anyone, you need to advise them to put on credits. I remember when I have a screen shot of my payment proofs for a specific sites and someone from Mylot used it for their own purpose, I really felt bad because this person didn't told me that they will be using my screenshot. They just used it like they are some kind of rude people that doesn't know ownership. Remember, it is not good to steal pictures that is not from you so put on credits.

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