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When I was younger I didn't give it a thought as it seemed so far away. Now I am older and have seen many of my friends pass on at various different ages I think about it more. Are you afraid of death?
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By getting frightened about death, does it going to make any difference in our lives? I do not think so.
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I guess you will be more careful about the choices you make? what do you think?
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@answerow - not much to mine but it would be huge for my granddaughter as there is no one else to bring her up. This is my biggest fear. @greencrayon - yes I am far more careful with my life choices than I used to be.
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Afraid of death? Hell no! I am already equipped with the knowledge that death is an integral part of human being. Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. In the light of this, since there is day you were born, that means there is also a day meant for you to die. Moreover, death is not an end to human life instead a transition to the world beyond where the human spirit will continue to live for eternity.
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I don't afraid death because I don't have any dependency to this world.

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Yes, I am afraid to die now because I know my kids still needs me.  I know for a fact that everybody will end in death. But why I am afraid  now is purely because of my kids who are still young and dependent on their parents.  It would be devastating if they will lost a parents as such young age. I am scared that my kids will grow without supervision and what will the future hold for them if that happens.  When someone is dependent on you, you will hate death. I experience losing a loved one and  it really hurts. With that incident, I did not go to other wakes because I can feel their hurt and grief and I do not want that also to happen to my kids.  But I know in God's time, it will happen. I just pray diligently and hope that the time is not now yet.
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I think that's really common in parents. Before we have kids we are more selfish but when they are born they become our everything. I worry that I will die before my granddaughter grows up as she lives with me. It's natural that we always want to be there for them.
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This is a very good question and I always contemplate about this.

Personally, I am not afraid of death, as this is a perfectly normal part of human life. Although, I admit that I am saddened by the thought of no longer being part of the birthdays, the anniversaries, the late night conversations, and the bumming out.

To be honest, I faced with the dilemma of living or not living longer than my loved ones. Could I bear watching them die or leave them in sadness?

In any case, I do not want to live long enough, that I will just be a liability to anyone. I want to live life to the fullest while I have the time and energy.
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I'm not even 26 or 30 or 40 but the thought of dying scares the life out of me already. Death has no time, place age or color. It takes anyhow It wants so there's never anyone who's really prepared to die unless of course it is premeditated like in suicide. What hits me more about death is the thought of not being able to achieve everything that I set out to do and not giving all the love I have.

I'm also always very interested in the different theories of life after death out there. The more I read about it, the more anxious I get about the uncertainty because I will never really know until I die. Will it be the shock of my life? Will it be the biggest scam ever?
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Your thinking always amazes me because it is so like my own but at your age I didn't feel the same. You are wise beyond your years.
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Oh I'm so flattered. Thanks you! 
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Who wouldn't be when death means leaving one's loved ones behind and never get to see them again. I always feared death despite the fact that it is natural for everyone to die but the fear of leaving people that are dear to my heart and them living in pains gives me goosebumps.

I always wish there was nothing like death we could just live and continue living still eternity, I love my immediate family so much and I hope I will live at least long to enjoy them all.

Death is inevitable and it can happen anytime,this like the worse part I try to make every moment count with my dear ones.I will die yes but I pray it be less painful as it can be.
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Every human being that believes in creation and death knows that he or she must die cos death is inevitable.  However,  the fact that we are all aware that we will all die at the appointed time, different ages regardless our status of health.

It is our wish as human to die at a very old age when we might live life to fullest and made our accomplishment.  Every one is afraid of death do doubt about that cos for instance if you are encountered with what is capable of taking your live you will do everything possible to protect your self from it or abstain from it totally.

Though our level of fear of death differ by the measure of our age, and how closer we are to our serving God.  A man or lady in his 30's fear death much more than someone who is in his 70's
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I was once when I was still young but then I came to realise that as a Christian, you shouldn't fear death because that's a rite of passage and everyone must die one day. While you're alive its good to live a righteous life because you don't know exactly when death will knock at your door. Its good to be cautious and prepare yourself in case of anything.

What makes most people fear death is how it comes all over sudden without making one aware. If there was a certain limit for human life like, let's say 100 years then I don't think people would be fearing death. The fact that it comes suddenly and doesn't choose age plus the tragedies behind that death, is what shocks people.
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Death is an unknown that frightens everyone. It is something that we don't understand or even can comprehend. We just know that one day we are here living on earth and breathing and the next we don't know where we will end up. It is a given fact that we are born, live our life, and at some point, we must die. I think what makes people fear death so much is the fact that they have no idea what to expect when they die. There is so much speculation written about what happens to us when we die. They even have people who claim that they saw a bright light when they had died and come back to tell us about all this.
I think if we had a better understanding of what happened to us when we died it wouldn't frighten us so much. Not knowing what will happen in the end is frightening and this is why people are so scared to let go and move on. It will happen to all of us one day and I guess there is no easy way to deal with this. Each of us will deal with it differently when our time comes. I guess we will just have to change our mindset when it is getting close to the time we will leave this world and adventure on to the next phase of our lives.
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I think I am not afraid of death but what I am afraid of is to die and leaving my family without source of income. I am the income provider for my family. I am taking care of myself all the time because when I get sick or get ill, it is quite a struggle because my source of income is from work. Death happens to all of us. It will happen to all of us and we cannot escape it. The difference is that, it depends on how you die and how you will suffer from it. I cringe every time I got to think I died and I will leave my family having a big problem on how to live their life without me. Death will come to all of us that is why it is better if we plan it all and get some insurance so that it will not be a major problem for our family if we finally say good bye because we have something to gave to them.
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I am not scared of death. I am scared of being forgotten. Sometimes i think about my death. Will people cry when i die? Will they miss me? Who would feel sad about it? And who will not? It's quite narcissistic to think about these things when it comes to death, i know, but I would be lying if these things haven't come to my mind. I remember the animated movie "Coco". That time when the dead guy in the death world completely disappeared because no one in the living world remembers him anymore, that was so devastating. For me, dying is not scary, it's part of life, but being forgotten, no one wants that. Come to think of it, maybe that's the reason people are scared of dying. They're afraid of not being relevant anymore, to not matter to the people who mattered to them most.
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I am scared of death yet I am still young in my early twenties. Sometimes I wish death considered age so that I won't be scared when I know when I will die. You know, the most scary thing about death is that you don't know when it will come to you, how you will die and what happens to you after death.
When I hear news of the death of people, whether I knew them or are total strangers, I get really scared. It is like it is warning me that I am next. Many times, I comfort myself by the fact that everyone will die someday but what remains scary is the fact that we dont know what will happen after we die. Is heaven and hell for real? And if so, where will my soul go?

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