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I hope to have more freedom to do the things I want as my granddaughter who I have custody of will be growing up. How about you?

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Well, 5 years is such a long time and I am expected to get married and even have kids in 5 years time. But more important than that, I would like to feel Independent and make choices as I desire in this time as till now I am not Independent and still taking suggestions of my parents on almost all material things. Its an important phase of my life and would help me be more mature and work accordingly. I know, I'll make mistakes but still, it needs to be done sooner so that we don't make any unnecessary delay in making important decisions which are material to our life. Also, we all learn from our mistakes and we should try to accept our weaknesses and need to work on that.
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My five year plan include: buying a piece of land in a city area, building a nice house and buying a nice car. My plan looks really ambitious because I need a lot of money to do that, however, I believe of my husband and I both start saving, we can have achieve what I am planning.
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Funny how this reminded me of the letter I wrote myself 5 years ago. Now it is way past the 5-year mark and I am still the same person as I was 5 years ago except that maturity kind of kicked in.

Anyhow, I wish my future self will finally have the courage to go out of her comfort zone and to the things she has long wished to do. i wish she will be more confident in presenting herself to other people and will not be afraid to voice out her opinions on matters that are dear to her.

On the other note, I do hope that by then I was able to pursue my dreams and that I'm becoming an inspiration to others.
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I have always given myself some target every  2 to 4 years and it has always helped me to get to my goals and I have done so again this year and I'm looking at being an employer of labour with two good companies to run.

So the next 5 years I shouldn't be working online on sites or working for anyone offline but employing people to work for the next 5 years I should have gotten all my professional certification that would enable me run my business effectively and maybe must have also learned a skill in addition to the certification.

My family would have grown from 2 young tots to 4.I'm alresdy in talks about this with my partner.
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With the grace of GOD we tend to succeed easily in life if we set a target and this enable us to get focused.
In the next 5 years God's I wish to see my self as an industrialist capable of employing people in different companies I wish to set up.
I love to see my self as a father of more than 2 children with a continuous blessings of peace and harmony in my family.
Education is a key to success,  the more you learn the more you know,  I wish to have also completed my PhD in my chosen carrier, this will enable to easily actualise my dream of been a successful industrialist.
With my level of exposure on online earnings, in the next five years I hope to have established a passive way of earning online which will make my schedules to be effectively managed
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In the next five years, I don't think I'll be married yet because I treasure education more than anything. In five years time I want to be done with my masters, moved my mom to another bigger and comfy house. But then, no one knows actually what tomorrow may bring but through faith we will always see tomorrow. Life doesn't need a rush, you need to take it slowly and things will automatically work out.

Its just a matter of being realistic with life. I just can't say that in the next five years I'll be owning my own car, this is unrealistic. This is because am on final year at campus and there's no way I can be guaranteed of getting a job. Anyway we can plan our future now knowing that tomorrow depends on God.
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Hopefully, I'll be retired and enjoying the good old life. This is not saying that I don't do that now. What I'd like to do is sell off my two businesses and just have more time to relax and enjoy what is here around me today. Take a bit more time to ride my bike, go hiking, fishing, and kayaking in the lagoon. I'd also like to have more time to travel and hopefully visit my daughter in Oregon when she moves there next year. I've never been to Oregon and would love to see this state.
With the online websites and business I have, I should be able to have a nice retirement in 5 years and the freedom to enjoy life. However, I will still work on these online businesses to make them grow so that they earn more money each month. This is just an added bonus to my retirement pay I'll get in a few years. I think having freedom when you retire is one of the best ways to go.
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Five  years from now, I am seeing myself having a newly renovated house with a very good looking room. I am still working on my company at present but in a more leveling up position. I am enjoying my business and my business is a food one which I introduced a very tasting and unique taste of Chicken Macaroni. I am earning stable and I am even having an investments. I am making myself worry free of money because I decided that money should be working for me and not me working for money. I started to manage my total income and creating lots of income. It is really inspiring to think that way but I really want it so I think it will happen soon. When it comes to personal life, I think I met someone but I am still not married, but going on the stage of that.
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In five years time, I will be 26. I will be three years out of university. I hope that by then I will be financially stable, an independent lady and working somewhere. Even if I don't get employed by the course I am taking in campus, I hope to be somewhere working. I should have also had my stable side businesses to generate some extra cash for me.
Moreover, this is the time when I will be considering to start my masters or by God's grace, I will start earlier. I will also be ready for marriage and child bearing. I hope that by then, I will have met a great guy whom I am sure to settle down with. At that age, I will not be scared of making decisions about marriage unlike now when I still have a lot to do pertaining my studies.

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