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I have watched the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I can say that it is really a good one. It has offered a new and interesting plot where the characters decided to totally erase each other from their memories. Is there any way that this could be possible in real life?
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Could be. Science is ever growing. There are infinite possibilities in the world.
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I think so nothing is ever impossible with might be real and almost coming to reality very soon.

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Some can but not all. I think the memories that stay in our minds are either very happy or very traumatic. Our minds cannot remember everything that happens and sometimes I notice it will change events so that what we remember isn't very accurate.

When my sister and I are talking about a childhood event we often argue about what happened because we seem to remember it in different ways and we are both convinced that we are right!  Sometimes she can remember events that I can't and vice versa probably because they had a different significance to us.

A few times I did something wrong where the consequences were horrible and these memories have stayed in my mind which is good as it serves as a reminder never to do these things again.
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Well I will be writing from my own experience I doubt we can really erase memories from your head unless we never really experienced it,it will be registered and it remains there.

What I know can get off our memories might just be the pains of whatever we went through or the joy of a particular thing but it wouldn't be easy to forget what lead to that.

I can still remember the night the men of the underworld raided our home then I was just 10,can't forget those fierce faces, the beatings, the torture of my parents and all they carted away that over 30 years now but I still remember all that transpired that night but I don't feel the pains any longer or think about it.But is it stucked in my memories forever? sure it will.
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I think it is underway. I've read an article that says researchers have figured out a way to clear perhaps selective memory. This would be helpful for psychiatric patients with traumatic experiences and the likes. If I was suffering from a traumatic experience, I would definitely  want it to go away but I wouldn't want to just lose fractions of my memory. I think that our experiences in life are the things that make us who are. So if this technology could some how rather delete the valence of these traumatic, bad or unwanted memories.

I have memories of events that I wish had never happened. As much as I wish that, erasing the memories wouldn't change the fact they happened.
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Wouldn't this be fantastic if this could actually happen? There are some things in life that I wished that I could completely wipe from my memory and never have to think of them again. You can bury your memories, but they never stay buried. At times they will rise again when something happens and gets you thinking about something from the past. A dream could trigger one of these deep buried memoried that will haunt you again for days on end until you can put it to rest again and get it out of your mind.
I'm not sure how anyone could selectively erase one memory of a person out of their life. This person had an impact on your life and you spent quite a bit of time with them. It would be hard to just erase this one person out of your mind for good.
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That was only was only happening in movies and it can never happen in real life. Of course you can let your brains make the decisions. There are those bad memories you'll never feel like you need to recall. Its upon you to psychologically let make your mind not to recall. In fact with the help of a psychologist it can really work well.
But then, there are other kind of memories which aren't worth and you'll find yourself not even remembering them at all. Its just a matter of how the brain translates the information and how you take it. If it bothers you then will definitely stick to your memory. That's why its said, we should at all costs try to take things lightly no matter how harsh they are so that we don't end up being haunt by the memories.
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The human brain can erase memories of its own. Those are short term memory that is put on long term memory, then it should be washed away because we have lots of memories to save in our brain. The only memories that retain are those we have invested emotions like, achievements, grieving, passionate love and joyful ones. Those memories that are less interesting, the brain are deleting it to make a room for another memories to save. Our brain do this when we nap or sleep at night. It erases some memories. People who have been to accident and bumped their head strong on something hard, they lose their memories depending on how severe had happened to them. Memories could be erase in different situations and there are memories that are retain.
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I highly doubt the possibility of erasing one's memory with intent. There's no proof of any scientific process that can wipe clean or temper with a person's memory, none that I've seen or come across. It is probably one of the many major strives yet to be achieved by man.

However, a person's memory can actually be erased or tempered with, through unintentional means. Let's not get it wrong. These are two different cases. The earlier is a process which can be induced on demand, while the later is mostly caused by accident or as result of a persons's deteriorating health system, which results to either short or long-term loss.

People who suffer from dementia, Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and Alzheimers are said to have and experience different levels of memory loss. These are instances of health related memory loss. An example of accidental memory loss might be someone who slipped into a coma, wakes up and doesn't remember much.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of induced memory loss, I think it's under way like @keibah pointed out...or maybe it already has but we're unaware of it.

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I doubt if a thing like this would be possible without the use of external influences, because there is nothing impossible in today's world. Maybe scientists are coming up or have came up with substances that can help in blotting out what is in one's mind. But realistically, without the use of something like this, I don't think it would naturally be possible to not be able to use one's memories.
More significantly, memory is the most important part of the human brain which helps in keeping records of what has happened from the day we were born till the day we die. And if anything happens to it, there won't be anything we can hold on to. We won't be able remember the slightest things like names of our relatives, friends we once had, places we once visited, etc.

From what I was thought that human memory can only be erased when there is serious fatal accident. And if the human brain is severely affected, there could the condition called amnesia.
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Probably yes, science is not what we think beyond what we see or hear. Scientist are rarely show themselves and say "hey! I discovered something!" and then show it to public. Sometimes they have to hide something to protect human itself. The movies we sees is something the writers mind come out with, but not necessarily mean it comes from Scientist  itself. Some writers have very deep thoughts, imagining what are the possibilities beyond in this world we live in. But it could be some scientists related to it how to erase persons memories. If it's possible, I would not avail either, nobody wants to erase their memories when they are trying to figure out what is the cause of dementia and how to cure it or how to avoid it. Science is really science.

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