divorce attorney in California
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The most challenging part of being a lawyer is when the client is you relative or a close friend. Sometimes conflict of interest may override professional and business judgement.
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That's true because for some reasons the society expect the lawyer to defend a relative who has committed a crime.
Yes very true but also against the professional ethics of the profession. Conflict of interest shouldn't be encouraged.
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I think the most challenging part of a lawyer is when he/she deal with a criminal that you know for sure 100% that they indeed committed the crimes in question but because it's your profession and that you are looking for some money you defend that criminal till they win the case.

Thus frustrating the complainant simply because they can't afford to hire lawyers 
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The most challenging part of being a lawyer is to get new clients or even sustain having loyal clients, especially now. I am sure they are having a hard time now.
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I don't know why but i just don't like that proffesion called law and i will never do, i just notice they go through alot of stress and alot of mental tiredness.
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Being a lawyer is a risky career, if you have a case that is closed and the judge didn't favor your client, you may have death threats from to losing side. Rather than death threats, the stress and worries can also bother you.
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