Toyota Camry Hybrid pros and cons are?
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Toyota Hybrids are the most reliable cars in the vehicle industry.  Toyota is the first company that invented hybrid technology. In New York city, almost every Uber, Lyft, and Taxi is a Camry. Camry Hybrid is the perfect vehicle if an owner plans to keep a car for 10-12 years.

The Pros for Camry Hybrid is:

-Economical Pricing

-Savings on Gas Mileage

-Unprecedented Camry Hybrid Battery Warranty

-Longer Lasting transmission

-Long-Lasting brake pads and rotors

-long term savings

The cons of Camry Hybrid:

-Can't Tow

-Low Ground clearance 

-Smaller Storage

-Unnatural sound

-No long term storage

-No jump start

-No Recharged during neutral

-Highway gas mileage

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