I would like to know because I am still a newbie here, how long did it take you to hit your first withdrawal payment?
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I not yet started with withdrawal. But, my colleague told me that this a such a legit website where we can earn by answering questions. So, I'm still here to expose.
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I think you didn't get me right. I already know that this site is legit but I was trying to ask those who have cashed out that how long did it take them to hit the minimum threshold limit for them to withdraw?
Okay. I will ask some of my friends and intimate you about this.
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It take me one month I earn 2$ , 2000 points equal 2$ .

To make your first withdrawal you should reach 2000 points.after the first withdrawal the second withdrawal will be when you make 5000 points, and so on .
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It's okay A whole month for only $2. That must be a very slow earning site my brother but it's better than nothing.
but you should take into consideration that I don't spend all the day answering questions, so maybe if you spend more time you will get more.

It also depend on how much you can spend answering questions.
I am looking forward to tecieve my first $2 but I think it depends on how much you are active on answeree. 
Yes it depend on how many hours you spend answering questions.
Thanks for letting us know I will update you when I'll 'hit my 2000 points on this site 
Not worth it to me. I can make $2 in about three days just picking up nickels, dimes and quarters off the sidewalk. I'll offer my words for free on Answeree!
It depend on how many hours you spend on it , for me i can't spend all the day answering questions because i have a job and other things to do, so i answer when i have spare time.
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It takes almost 1 month to get 2000 points . 2000 points gives us 2 dollars. The money will be credited to the bank. if you send 5 to 8 hours a day , then you get 2000 points in 2 weeks.
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The first payment is when I reached the minimum payout of $2 for a newbie and had the others when reaching $5. I hope I could do more than that.
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I haven't withdrawn my earnings yet but I am very consistent to get this f-ing money. I can't just imagine I am getting paid because I'm answering questions.
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Answeree is a question and answering site. You will get paid for answering and commenting. You will get money on sending private message to the admin for the withdrawal.
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