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I don't see anything wrong with urbanization, it just that the abandonment of the rural areas is the reason why urban cities are being overpopulated, which is the major problem of urbanization.
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From what you have mentioned, it seemed to me that there is indeed something wrong with urbanization.

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Urbanization shouldn't be blamed for the lopsidedness in the system. If a balance can be struck in the even distribution of social amenities between urban cities and rural areas, I don't think we would be experiencing the problems associated with urbanization.
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I do agree with you on that. People tend to move to the cities in search of a better life. Had there been equal opportunities for them to explore, I don't think people would still want to go to cities.

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I personally believe that urbanization is not bad. It is the reaction of the people to urbanization that is not good. We should realize that with furthering urbanization, responsibility also increases. Unfortunately, people only want progress but do not really cope with it. We continuously flatten the mountains, turn ricefields into roads, build infrastructures, purchase more cars, but we forget to be accountable for all the unpleasant things urbanization comes with - pollution, heavy traffic, environmental problems. Urbanization provides work opportunities to a lot of people but at the same time robs our farmers, our fishermen, those ones who do the "dirty" (sorry i can't really think of a better word for this, this is not really what i mean) work. 

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Urbanization has both good and bbsd sites and if we are looking at the bad effects then it has its bad sides like
Congestion: People will congest everywhere because of high number of people in a place and this will lead to noise pollution and even the air we breath will be polluted.

Limited resources: With too many people the resources wouldn't go round and this will lead to hunger by some people and poverty too.

High crime rate: with too much people moving to the urban centres with limited job opportunities and resources those left out will go into crime to survive and this becomes rampant and it becomes a menace .

Environmental degradation isn't left out from dredging and cutting down of forests and its inhabitants.
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Urbanization which is simply a shift in population and other infrastructures from the rural settlement, this is achieved by the continuous in flow of people which gives rise to increase in population.
It is the desire of every rural settlementioned to get developed and turn to urban centre. The positive effect of urbanization overshadow the negative effects of urbanization. The negative effects such as increase in crime rate can be curbed with active policing,  the problem of congestion can be well addressed with proper planning of the urban area.

If there is no urbanization there won't be development in any part of the world, i doubt if there is any rural community or settlement that doesn't aspire to be a urban area which can only be achieved through urbanization
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Since you have mentioned the benefits of transforming a rural area into an urbanized one, and that every rural area desires to be urban, are we not on the verge of destruction as this means that we are actually willing to convert most our lands into infrastructures?
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Urbanization isn't bad, in fact it is good. Urbanization comes with structured basic and social amenities for the benefit of the people. Urban planning is the best way for urbanization to work. Having well structured and recorded details of the area, the capacity it can take, the population estimate etc are basic factors to consider. This data and statistics helps during the allocation of resources and it also serves as a reference point in population control.

Urban crisis arises majorly from over population and if this can be controlled, the urban areas would maintain standards. There needs to be a balance between the population and the resources in a region. It is better for a place to be underpopulated than over populated.
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It can be good and at the same time bad depending with the plans set and the people responsible. On the good side, urbanisation opens lots of earning opportunities for the youth in a country hence boosting people's economic life. Also, it can expose people to modern life unlike the one experienced in the rural regions and good social amenities like hospitals and schools. Finally, it brings people together from different ethnic groups and share out cultures. This intermingling is such a good exposure for the people on the urban areas.

On the contrary there are side effects of urbanisation like congestion in the cities. You find people are crowded in a place traffic is still and this slows down work. Also, there's high living standards in urban areas because of congestion of people who compete to get jobs. You'll find there are less earning opportunities but people are more than excess. Finally, you'll find that crimes rates increase in urban areas due to lack of jobs.

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