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I like to think I can but as we know there are many arguments with politics and religion where people cannot accept the views of others. Has anyone ever swayed your opinion and made you think differently about a topic?
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Yes, someone has ever swayed my opinion on a certain topic that we were discussing. I must admit that the reasons for his opinion made more sense than mine, so I had to agree with him. 
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It actually takes a mature mind to accept opinions that differ significantly from yours. The problem the world is suffering from is that we have so many people that don't respect the thoughts of others. They always feel that their opinions is the best and thus should be accepted at the peril of the good of all. And things don't work like that. Not until we learn to respect and accept other people's thoughts and opinions, it will be very difficult to make tangible progress.
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Yes, of course I can accept anyone's opinion as long as their opinion is not throwing at me, by mean they are against my opinion.
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Of course yes, there is no way it's going to be possible that I would always be right in everything that I do.

So, it's very proper to respect others opinion and accept it when they are right. 

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I am always open to conversing with people having opposite opinions than mine as long as it is a decent conversation.

In fact, I think we can actually use it to our advantage as they may be able to lead us or point us to a new perspective that we can never realize on our own. We can always learn something from speaking and listening to other people's ideas, especially if they have very different background than ours. I also think that it is not always about winning the argument. There are things that are far more important than being right such as being open and being able to accept other people's judgments. Personally, I think this is how we will be able to move conversations forward and develop deeper connections.

We should also never fear diversity nor should we be shy of having to voice our opinions to avoid offending other people. But we must always remember to argue politely and respect each other's point of view.
As they say, to each his own, and I do believe that there is nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree.
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This goes back to the question of being right vs being kind. When should we really choose to be kind over to be right?
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I think it is evident in my answer that if given a choice, I will choose to be kind. As I said, there are far more important things than being right all the time.

What are your thoughts about it?
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Okay. Here's the thing. If two people are discussing about facts, having a scientific discourse, say for example about the earth (flat vs round), would you really choose to be kind and say "yeah, maybe you are right. maybe the earth is really flat" instead of saying "i get how you think the earth is flat but scientific studies have proven that the earth is actually round".  
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No. no. no. By being kind, I do not mean that you will tolerate a wrong belief but rather listen to what the person has to say. If you know that he or she has a point, acknowledge it. I think the argument about being right and being kind all rests on how we argue about things. In as much as we want to have our opinion taken, we also need to be open to other people's perspectives. 
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Well yes, of course. If it comes to opinions or stands on politics or religion, we should respect each other. My point is, if it comes to scientific discourse, it is not a question of opinions but a question of facts. 
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The essence of arguments or debate ultimately is to learn more about what ever topic that is in question though there are times you win or loose out but you will definitely earn.
I have had series of debate or arguement especially in politics that has made me to swing to my opponent opinion with strong convincing points likewise I have also win people to accept my opinions to. I easily accept opinion of other once it fact full and convincing.
The only arguement or debate that has never bought my opinion and I don't think I will accept is the arguing my religion cos I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that my religion is the best to my opinion. I love debate or argument on issues that affect me and my environment cos it exposes me to information and facts
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Yes, no man is an island and we will always seek the opinions of other's and  also think of a way to understand from their point of view but it wouldn't necessarily be about swaying me but adding to my knowledge.
Why not I can accept others opinions if I see the needs to and I know there are correct, no need for further argument unless I'm sure that the person isn't arguing logically and with facts then I will have to let such argument just like arguing with an atheist as a believer  I can never accept his stands and he might not for me too because he will be arguing without facts.
So I will accepts others opinions but don't get into my way to talk mine down.
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Arguments arise from disagreements and misunderstanding. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, opinions are framed and limited by the individuals knowledge. When you are able to impact more knowledge into people, exchange ideas, you'll find out that you sway others, get swayed or find a common ground.

In most cases, the two parties can have vast strong contrasting opinions of certain topics. Neither backs down and the argument ends by agreeing to disagree .

I can say that I've been swayed into the believe That eating meat is not only harming yourself and the animals but harmful to the environment as well. I did not share this opinion initially because I believed meat is merely food. However, after I learned about the long term damaging effects It has on earth, I succumbed. Although I still haven't given up eating meat completely.
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When I know certain things, I think my opinion is still my opinion. I do not share any opinion on topics that I don't experience or understand. I do learn to accept opinions different from mine, but when I know the topic, I will still believe what I believe. I will realize something from the opinions of others but it is different from what I have and  I still believe in mine, because I am the one who experience it. On the topic that I could share some little opinions, and if I feel other person know the topic more than I do, I do listen. I make sure that I get some learning from it and take note of it. I do not get influence easily because i know what i see and I know what I hear. I rather stick to what I know and respect the different opinions I will hear.
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Yes its a must, otherwise you wont come far in life going your way only.

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