Hello..If you find best college then visit here youniversitytv.com its a best place for best fit college,college major quiz free,Also beneficial for college match websites..
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Thanks for the link although I believe that we can achieve success as long as we set our minds on making it to happen. 

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I don't know about the colleges on the site provided in your question, but the best university to go to is University of Michigan. Also known UofM, the University of Michigan has an outstanding nursing and medical program. Their dentistry program lacks education and so that is one part of the University I always avoid. I am a student nurse and plan on being a registered nurse in UofM's emergency room.
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Your question is actually big to give direct response to because the world is so large  that one can't point out if this college is better than the other. Response to your question will have been easy if I know the country you are and your actual desired profession to study. That will help to determine the best to suggest to you.

What I eam implying is is, if you are in foreign country I can't suggest the best for you here but if you are here I can easily point one or two for you as best.

Also, if you actually have a desire is to study a particular course and I suggest a college that doesn't have the course it is same thing as not suggesting.

Some person have preference for college type . For instance, someone can prefer universities to polytechnics and polytechnics to colleges of education. Depending in the type of certificate and proficiency required.
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Thanks for your link. The best college in my city is PSG Technology and Kumaraguru college of technology. I have dreamed this colleges when I tried to get a engineering seat. 
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