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When you are young finding your purpose in life takes a lot of souls searching and deciding on what is best for you. You have time to try different things in life and experience different jobs. One day you'll realize that you are so good at one type of work versus another type of work. After this, you'll seek all the knowledge that you can find about this work and it will start to be your primary focus in life. It will drive you to learn more and to succeed.
I guess I found my earn on in life. I was only 15 when I was entered into a test program for children who had problems reading in English. My problem was that English wasn't the first language I learned how to read in. But now it had to be my primary language to read and write in. This program made me realize that I loved computers and math and I wanted to go forward with this in life. I was good at this and it came so easy to me. I guess this was my purpose in life.
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Realizing one purpose in life is to examine oneself and see where your passion lies and not what someone is telling you or making you to believe.I always believe that discovery ones purpose in life is a personal journey and self discovery. No parent or religious leader can tell us the exact purpose.

I discover mine by following my heart and only doing what brings me happiness and happiness to others.if what one is engaging in life isn't fulfilling and satisfying one's inner yearnings then one should know he or she isn't working with the God-given purpose. To know your purpose search yourself to find out what really give you the kick, the push and boost you need to success then go for that.
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I realised mine in a very weird manner after almost one year being teased of my looks. One day I looked myself at the mirror and started asking myself "who am i, am I worth living, why is almost everyone I meet doesn't like me?". I had several questions lingering on my head. By then I was around 9 years old otherwise if I were old enough suicidal thoughts would have started entering my mind after all the teasing I was going through.

When I was 11, that's when I knew what am really meant for. It happened after had gone to a certain children's home. Lots of kids were really suffering and couldn't help themselves and sorry but to say, some didn't even knew whether they existed. I really cried and knew God has a special purpose why I was alive. This totally changed me and that's when I realised my purpose in life.
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I think if you find some things that you are good at and you never get tired of doing it over and over even if you don't get something from it, i think that is your purpose. Me, i found out my purpose when I was young. I adopt stray kittens and I cannot take my conscience to leave a crying kitten in the street, frighten that they will meet an accident or someone might hurt them. I pick stray kittens in the road and I take care of them as my children. Since then, i have been adopting and keep on adopting. I found out that I enjoyed it despite the struggle so I realized that my purpose is to help the pets in the road to get a home and family. I am included to the list of people who have found their purpose as a pet lover. I am proud of myself when I am doing it.
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I am of the opinion that for one to be able to realize his/her purpose in life, he/she must possess intuitive ability to keenly listen to his/her inner voice, especially if, it entails the use of one's creative faculty. I must admit that, this process of finding one's purpose in life is not a walk in the park, as it requires deliberate self-driven soul searching process.

Personally, I was able to discover my creative writing skills at a very tender age, when I was still in secondary school. And I must admit that, it took me conscious efforts before I was able to discover that hidden treasure embedded within my soul. It was a challenging feat that needed my utmost focus, determination, and persistency. Additionally, there was also a bit of consistency in the earnest striving to discover the gift I was blessed with, and this was propelled by the will of self-discovery spirit.

Furthermore, after under going the discovery process of honing my skill, then came the task of unravelling the true definition of the skill, through repetitive practicing in order for it to be properly polished.

Lastly, if one's talent or gift is not proper polished, the discovery of it would be for nothing, because it would be like a gold mine discovered that is left untapped.
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Purpose in life is a fundamental thing or aspect of every reasonable human that must be recognized, discovered and pursued in order to fulfil desire and satisfaction. In my many people, it usually takes a lot of mis-shape and miss-fire of intentions before one will aactually gets the really purpose. There is a popular saying that " until you know why, you can't get the way".
Associative, I got my purpose while I was in college, in my year one. It all started in a particular day when my colleagues forced me to address them all because I usually find it hard to speack in public. They all noticed I love individual gist since I hardly total in congregations of many individuals. To the greatest surprise,  I wasn't prepared for it at all I got to the front, thought I had better knowledge of the topic and begin with appreciating all and sundry for finding me worthy. ,I spoke for few minute and while I was returning to my sit. My mates were on their fleets clapping for me.

From then till now, I discovered the power in my tongue and voice which is what I feed upon now

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