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I am not kind person nor being right,between the two it depends on the situation.But I will choose ot be not among the two, I rather being between and lower my pride than to be proud for something that people will think that I am so pride. There is nothing wrong for being kind when you are at good please but, sometimes you have to be tough for someone when its not right. It goes together, you have to weigh things before you decide what is best for both. Sometimes too much kindness people tend to abuse you and that is not right.You have the right to stand up for your self and protect yourself from people harming you. But, when kindness exist and the right time with the right person,  then that is the harmony of the situation. It all depends with the situation.
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 It is good to be right, and it feels good to be right, but how does it feel to always be right, does it make you feel more clever or sharper than other people, does it make you feel superior from others or does it make you famous, which one would you choose. To be honest i don't think it would really matter to me, because when we are wrong, we will always learn something from our mistakes and that makes us better people. But if we are always right, we have no challenges, life would be boring for sure because you will have nothing to juggle your mind and keep you busy or entertained. Anyway for me i would rather be kind. Kindness goes a long way, it doesn't just stop there. It will bring you favor, love, popularity, opportunities and so much more you reap something all the time when you are kind unlike being right. Kindness will also bring you lots of joy and peace in your heart and those are virtues everyone wants to have in their lives.

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