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We go on chasing our dreams that is why they are saying we are shaping our dreams. On the coincidence, there is always the right timing, not a coincidence. Some things are meant to happen.
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I am of the school of thought that things don't just happen but for a reason. From experience I have learnt that regardless of our desire to go for our dreams if it's not the destined time for it to come to fruition nothing will happen. Let take for example former president of US in person of Abraham Lincoln.
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I can say some of us are very lucky but for some aren't. For others, luck will just come and knock on the door, while for others, they have to run and work hard for it.
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I feel there are force or vibes that shape our destiny. Sometimes a stroke of luck shapes our destiny. It seems random chance some are more lucky some are more unlucky

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Newton's third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This suggests that the things we do, big or small, determines our future. Nothing in this world is a coincidence. Think of our lives as a water in a pond and you are in the middle of that pond. Even the tiniest movement creates a ripple in it. The bigger the movement you do, the bigger the ripple it creates.
For example, you have an exam. You study for the exam, you pass. Then you finish college. You apply for a job, you get the job. You excel in your job, and now you're promoted to CEO.
We make the destiny that we want. Set your goal and work towards it.
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I love the scientific reference.
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Every day right through our lives we make different types of choices, and every choice we make will create our destiny. Good choices will create a happy and meaningful life, while bad choices will lead us into a life full of sorrow, suffering and failure, unless we are ready to learn from mistakes and failures and then not repeat them.

If we want to live a happy life, we must make every effort hard so that the choices we make are in accordance with the mission we have set for ourselves. Suitability between choice and mission will determine the quality of our life. It is true that every one of us is born in the midst of our respective families.

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