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Heard that food allergies can't be cured and even if there are some treatments they will only give a temporary recovery. Is there any permanent treatment out there?

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Food allergies have become very common nowadays disregarding to both adults and kids. In early stages, some kind of food allergies can be cured but we can't guarantee that it will not come back later after months, years or so. For example, some kind of allergies from intake of peanuts, certain kind of green vegetables etc are causing due to the action of certain histamines. This kind of allergy can be cured or suppressed by using anti-histamines. Most popular antihistamines are Levocitricin hydrochlorides and montelukast sodium. By using these kinds of medicines may cure these allergies at early stages but it seems difficult to cure once the symptoms have become chronic. So the best way to escape from food allergies is to avoid those foods making you uncomfortable.
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No food allergy cannot be cured but you can be provided with drugs that will reduce trigger to allergies and exposure to trigger them.The best solution if you cannot access the drugs just avoid eating those meals that will trigger allergy.

You can also check allergists to give you some drugs,these don't cure but they reduce the sensitity to allergy triggers.
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Food allergies cannot be cured. At the same time, you can take treatment to relieve allergic reactions that become visible. For that reason, it is better for you to find out the foods that trigger your allergies and stay away from those food. You can consult your doctor if you have severe allergic reactions so that he can immediately provide appropriate treatment.

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