The free web conferencing software come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And to select the best one out of the hundred is indeed a very tedious task to be achieved. It is not difficult to get hold of the best Webinar services company, thanks to the internet, which is considered as a great hub of storing the contact information of the free web conferencing software services.
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A web conferencing solution that allows users to have a live meeting with your colleagues or friends online in order to showcase your product to prospective customers, troubleshoot or support your clients by solving their issues online.

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You can make use of the JioMeet, Citrix web conference and there is also Skype. There are also some of the other options like Microsoft Teams. You can use it depending on your choice of usage. Like say for teams under 5 you can easily use it for the conference and the meets. 
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There are so many web conference apps available at present. We have Google duo web conference, Cisco WebEx, zoom conference also
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