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One thing that I have noticed is that happiness is all that matters in life. A life where you are not happy, no matter how much you have will never be the same with the one where you are living happily. So, I will definitely leave everything that I have in pursuit of happiness. 
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No,I can't leave my family for something I that makes me happy because my family is the one that makes me happy at the moment.
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Happiness prolongs one's life. So, it's very important to live happy and healthy. I wouldn't sacrifice my happiness for anything and one of the things that makes me happy in my life is money. So, I look forward to having money always. 

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Why not, what ever are we to enjoy in this chaotic world of ours if not to find what will make us happy. I will leave everything behind and go for what makes me happy.Life is too short to spend it wallowing in misery.

Pursuing my happiness have been one of my life's goal and I'm keeping myself happy and doing acts and deeds alone that will give me so much joy. I know a lot of people chase wealth instead of what makes them happy but I see that as chasing shadows.if touring the world will make me happy why not I will give up all work and whatever to catch up.

My happiness first and every other thing can follow or wait.
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That's only possible if you have no commitments. I am bringing up a child again and although it's a tempting thought  to chase my dreams it's just not possible and even if it was would I really want to leave all my friends and family behind? I have always felt that home is where the heart is and even if I did go off and chase my dreams I would eventually yearn to be near my loved ones,

I think if you are young and have no ties then it would be an exciting adventure to go off and go wherever life takes you, maybe visit other countries or take a wonderful job offer. It would be best to do it before you settle down and have a family because it is more difficult when you have others to think about. Even then I guess it's not impossible as I've heard of families who have gone abroad when the husband has been offered a job and started a wonderful new life.
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I guess in one way I did this so many years ago. I joined the government and worked in so many different countries all of my life. My daughter was always with me. Then I came to French Polynesia and she was here for a while then left to go to America to school. I ended up staying on here to follow my heart and my dreams. I knew it was fine at the time I did this because my daughter was now grown up and she was fine to go back to America to go to school.
I love the islands and the life that I have here. I think I finally found my true happiness in what I want from life and where I want to be. I have it all here. I own my own business now,  I can go fishing, bike riding, hiking or swimming when I want. I live right across the street from the lagoon and the mountain is right behind my home. My home sits next to a river and life is wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better place to live and to find my dreams.
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Some people may find this act very selfish but I think there is nothing wrong with that. It is not as if there is a shortcut to happiness. It is rather a personal journey about knowing and loving oneself, and being able to realize what truly makes you happy.

Having that mentioned, I think your question also concerns about making the right choices. If we are to leave "everything" behind for "something" that makes us happy, what would then happen to us if that no longer makes us happy? What if we made the wrong choice? Are we then going to live a life full of regret? How do we make up for that?

In my opinion, self-fulfillment is far more important than worrying about the aftermaths. Take a stand in your life, and believe that every decision you make ultimately leads to you creating your own life.
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Not now. I think I haven't found a certain happiness that will make me leave everything behind. I think it would be a person I will love but i will not choose him over my family as I am willing to sacrifice for my family. If I will have given an opportunity to find out what makes me happy, i will grab the chance but not leaving everything behind. I will just do my best to find time to have it, little by little everyday. I am a person who finds happiness on different situations that is why I am thinking I haven't found the real happiness that I will go on chasing in the future. I will not deprive myself for my own happiness but for now I can find it anywhere, even when I am playing with my pets. I don't want too much happiness too because I know the consequences of it.
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Anybody that hesitate to go for what makes them happy is a coward. The very essence of our existence is all about finding fulfilment and happiness in all we do. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that most people hold back in chasing what makes them happy. It speaks volume of how deluded they are about how life is to be led.

As far as I am concerned, I don't see anything stopping me in going for what brings out joy in me. Frankly speaking, I am even willing to go against the odds to ensure I have that thing that makes me happy. People's opinions don't count when it comes to this issue, because they can't make the difference neither can they make a change about my life except my God and myself.

Truthfully, I've come to a point in life that I don't live in self denial. And I have chosen not to stick to anything that no longer serve my existence. Happiness is everything to me!
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I think this depends on what makes you happy. If what makes me happy is running off to see the world in a way that I wouldn't be able to do right here, I would go. I would take that job offer abroad, I would go to that foreign land to live if that's where my heart lies.

For me, it is the case of a chicken coming back home to roost. Home is where my heart lives. So no matter where I go or where life takes me to, I would definitely come back home. In my opinion, that is not leaving everything behind. That is catching my dreams and taking them with me.

Changes and adjustments are inevitable in life. While some have the capacity to move on and leave every other thing, others finds happiness at home. It doesn't make anyone a coward as both involves making sacrifices.
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If you could see my face at the moment, you'd find me smiling, smiling because i've always wanted to talk on this issue. Hollywood movies make it seem so simple to just quit a long hard life of achievement regardless of the situation in the so called pursuit of happiness.

As much as I want to jump to the conclusion of saying yes like almost everyone else, am afraid in reality it might be more complicated than just choosing to be happy, and if done, might probably come at a very heavy prize.

There's this movie called "Puzzle" I saw the other day. It was centered on a woman and her family. She was a stay at home mother of two boys married to a hard woking father. I don't think she was that happy because her daily live revolved around house chores and serving the family all the time. Her life got excited when she received a puzzle box as a gift from a friend. She immediately realized she had a talent for solving puzzles. On one of her trips to purchase more puzzle boxes, she came across a flyer posted by some guy who's looking for a puzzle solving partner to participate in an upcoming competition. She hesitated at first but eventually ended up making contact. It turned out that the guy was a billionaire who solves puzzles and engages in competitions as a hobby. They began meeting and giving that he belonged to a completely opposite world of experiences from hers, it didn't take long for a romance to ensue. She felt happy like never before.

Drawing from the instance above, do you think she should follow happiness given the situation? I mean, she has a perfect family with a close relationship with her boys. Her husband was faithful and hardworking. The only thing missing was the type of excitement the billionaire gave to her. Going with her happiness in her case will mean breaking a lot of commitments and hurting those closest to her. Of what use is being happy if you can't be at peace with your past.

The honest truth is that, happiness isn't all about the present feeling towards any situation. I personally believe that every individual holds their right to be happy. You can choose to be happy or not regardless of the situation. It all lies within.
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I have never seen anyone who is said to have double life in this world yet and as result of this phenomenon of living only once, it would be very horrible and boring life and living to spend the rest of one's life here on earth doing what you don't love or doing what never gives you happiness.

In fact, from the way I'm seeing and understanding how happiness and being sad works, there is an extent to which you would live your life being sad with no atom of happiness, there is a big chance of committing suicide and killing yourself to take a rest from the boring world.

Personally, I wouldn't gamble with my happiness for any reason whatsoever or for anyone because I simply can't afford to live a miserable life. Some people make the grave mistakes of thinking it would pass but when you joke with your happiness, it's definitely not going to be back.

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