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For me, love is always right. It only makes it wrong once it comes in a wrong time, in a wrong place and in a wrong person. Everything will goes on complicated when it happens. 
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Sincerely, love can never be seen or classified as wrong. Love is always right and pure regardless of the factors influencing it. Once it is love not lust, it must never be adjudged as wrong. But we humans have come up with different inventions for love. 

There are a lot of those in lustful relationship(where feelings, tenderness, or emotions is missing) claim to be in love. And mind you that once love is mistaken for lust there is bound to be conflict of interest in the relationship. If such situation arises, some can then say love has gone wrong or better still come up with various erroneous assertions to describe it.

As far as long love is concerned, it can't be degraded to whatever level of being seen as wrong except the love is not true love at the first place. If you observe enough you will notice that most people are in a relationship for what to benefit from it. In that case love is conditional instead of the opposite thus it can rightly be said that love is wrong because the intention is not pure as it ought to be.

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I do not believe that there is a wrong type of love. Since when has it become wrong to love a person? We are all free to express our feelings. Personally, I would say that love, in whatever way it is expressed, is one of the purest forms of emotion that one can feel towards another.

However, it may become complicated in some situations. For instance, you may be in love with someone of different religion or race or ethnicity. But I do believe that we should not be dictated by such things, especially if what we feel towards the person is the genuine kind of love. In fact, there is also nothing wrong in loving someone who is already in a relationship or is already married. What is wrong and unethical is to actually commit into it.

Remember, we all deserve to be loved. And to be loved, one should also know how to love. So, do not let other people's judgment dictate you of what you should or should not feel.
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No, love can never  be wrong we humans mistaken love for either infatuation or lust which are fleeting emitions.Love can't be wrong or sour.

In the world now, people get to be with people for some .reasons which are very selfish. A man meet an opposite gender and talks about love but what he is thinking of is lust he wans to sleep with the lady and of course the Lady agrees same because the man is ready to spend and when he get his filled he quit and the lady would think love has gone wrong or sour.No there was never love ,all they had going was just what they stood to gain from the relationship and love wasn't one of it.Love is a very strong or intense emotion it doesn't fizzling out that way.
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Love should not be wrong. Love is whole positive feeling and should not be qualified by another negative  word or feeling. If it is associated with something wrong, then it isn't really love to begin with. Some people  may label a relationship between lesbians, gays, homosexuals and transgender as wrong love.

There are some types of relationships that are toxic, violent and brutal. Those sort of relationships can drain the individuals physically and emotionally and sometimes they still hang on until they are completely broken.These sorts of relationships are also labelled as wrong love.

In my opinion, any kind of relationship that causes the detriment of the individuals involved isn't love but something else. Love is the pure and undiluted feeling between two individuals.
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I think some people are not good for each other even though they may love each other and this kind of love is usually doomed so the people involved usually separate at some stage. Before my daughter met her husband she was with a man she loved but she did not approve of his friends as they were drug takers and thought she was boring because she wouldn't join in. I was proud of the fact that she stuck to her guns and did not join in with these people.

I remember picking her up from the railway station, she was wearing sun glasses because she had been crying. She said she loved him but could not stay because she knew she would not fit in with his lifestyle. He had begged her to stay  but he would not agree to keep away from his friends. It would never have worked out and she has since met a wonderful man who is right for her. They are perfect for each other, the way love is meant to be,.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,061 points) 5 21 52
An abusive love is the wrong kind of love. When a person is so insecure about themselves and the relationship they abuse the other person. There are some people who feel it is right to mentally abuse or even physically abuse another person. When this happens the person feels remorse for what they have done and promises to never do it again. But it is an illness they have and they can't stop the abuse.
There are many women and men who are abused in this way by their partners. It isn't only a man who can beat on his wife. I have know cases where a wife will beat on their husband. Men can be verbally abusive to their wives and the wife can be the same towards their husband. To me, this is the wrong kind of love and will only end in depression or violence in the end. This is the type of love you should run away from fast and not turn back. There is no forgiving a person if they do this to you.
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Is it really love if the person is abusing the other in any way? Isn't love supposed to be pure? I think people keep using "love" to justify the things they do to the other person. 
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You'd be surprised. I tried to help my friend get out of her abusive relationship and she refused to leave. She claimed how much she loved him and she couldn't leave him. I guess she didn't mind all the bruises she had on her. But like you said is this really love?
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Maybe she loved her too much that she forgot to love her herself. Or maybe she was scared no one else would come along. But i think knowing when to leave a relationship is also a kind of love. When you know you're not happy anymore, you should have the courage to leave because love shouldnt be forced, right?
replied by VISIONARY (9,061 points) 5 21 52
In an abusive relationship, the woman or even the man will always believe it is their fault it is happening. I feel this is what has happened here and they can't distinguish between the brutal type of love and real love. 
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What is the brutal type of love? Is it really love if it's brutal. Lol. It feels like we keep coming back to the question of what love is.
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What would you say brutal is? Is it not being abusive towards another person? As for what is love each person has their own emotions that will determine how they feel and how they perceive love. 

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