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There are many times an update will affect the performance of an app that is already installed on your phone. Therefore, you'll need to take the app off the phone and download and install it again. However, before you can do this read the specification of the app to make sure it will work with your new version of the software. There are some apps that are just not compatible with an update and some that are. If you find out the apps that you enjoy the most are still not working after they have been deleted an reinstalled then you'll have only one choice. You'll need to roll back the update and go back to the stable version that was working for you.
Normally I never do an update when it first comes out because there are issues in the update that can affect the performance of your phone. It is best to do some research before updating your phone and find out what problems other people are having with the update. Wait till the issues are resolved before you update again.
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Problem is, even my google playstore does not work. Even my messaging (for sms), youtube app, twitter app, almost everything. I was thinking of going back to the older version of android, the marshmallow, but i don't really know how to do it.
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You can do this easily. Go to setting - from setting find system and now select reset. This will reset your phone back to the previous version. 
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Would it go back to the previous version (the version before it) or the factory version? Also, wouldn't i lose all my data (pictures, accounts, applications) if i do this? I've been wanting to do this but am scared to lose the data of my phone and applications.
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This is just a rollback from the version you are using now to the previous version. This isn't a complete factory wipe. A complete factory wipe is done in safe mode and you will wipe all the data off the phone. 
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I only have the reset settings which says the phone will be reset to its default settings except the security, language, and account settings. And then i have the factory reset settings. Maybe i should back up my files first before doing any changes.
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You don't want to use factory reset. You just want to use reset. i guess if you are worried do a backup before hitting the reset button. 

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And that's the one that says "phone will be reset to its default settings except the security, language, and account settings", right?
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That is right. You account setting are the ones for your phone number and contacts list. This will reset the iOS of the device and leave the other setting alone. I would play it safe and back up files and images before doing this. I have done it a few times on devices that a client backed up before they brought it to me. There was basically nothing on the phone and I know it didn't wipe out the phone call history, the phone numbers, and the stored contacts. I can't tell you for sure about images because they were removed first. 
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All right. Thank you very much :)

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