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Thanks for asking this question, i have also been looking for sites to join for transcribing, although many people say they are hard to find i will try my luck.

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There are many transcription sites online that you can work on, All you need do is to create an account and take a pre-test to get approval to start working with the can  try these sites.

 Transcribme: This site pays up to 33cents per minute of transcribing or $20 per will have a bonus of $2 if you're accurate.payment is by PayPal and minimum withdrawal is $10.

Fiverr; This is a freelancing site that you can get clients looking for those with transcribing gigs.So you can sign up and put up your skills and set your price too .Payment here is through PayPal and payoneer.

SEOclerks. This is another freelancing site that transcribing jobs can be gotten. So sign up and set up your profile to start getting jobs.Paypal is via PayPal.
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Thank you very much!
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There are many companies that hire transcribers. However, before you can work for any of thee companies you must take their test. They will give you a few audio tapes to transcribe. Before taking the test it is best to read how the site expects the work done. Most sites follow the same format when transcribing tapes. Here are a few companies that you can check out online. They are always looking for people to do this type of work. Furthermore, you can set your own hours and work at your own pace. The jobs vary from company to company and so does the pay. They normally pay a set fee per hour of transcribing. This mean audio hour and not how long it will take you to do the work. 

Check out:

  1. Casting Words
  2. Daily Transcriptions
  3. AccuTransGlobal
  4. TranscribeMe
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I have experience doing medical transcriptions and general transcription. I love doing transcriptions and hope to find a regular job online.

Acusis is base in India it is medical transcription but I have not seriously apply. I also tried Scribie but I did not pass the test. I also tried TranscribeMe but they close my account.
Other sites that I try is Castingwords and Speechpad. I did earn from these two sites but lately most of thd audios are tough. You can not understand them well.
You can also try your luck finding clients in Fiverr or Upwork.
I love doing transcription jobs especially if I transcribe accurately. I'm proud of my work if it is true to audio and I type exactly what is said and also get the right spelling.

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