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I would say yes, so we can have someone to lean on and when there is no one to talk to, your best friend is there.

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Well, I think we should no man is an island we need one another another to survive and keep life going. We will always need this one person that can understand us,advice us,share our deepest pains with and let him or her into our world to help us color it,especially coloring it with love.

I have two very good friends and they're people I could never asked for more.They have been there since my childhood days helping me to grow. In fact having a best friend is like a treasure, they are rare to find and it good if we find one or two we should value them.

Besties are worth having they help make  life worth living and when all seems not okay they will be there to raise us up.
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Having friends is awesome. It means having people that you can share your experiences, laughter, fun, good times and bad times. No man is an island and there are times when we need others to help us. While some people have those special ones they call best friends, others Just don't .

We don't really need best friends but we need people who can be there for us at the time when we need them the most. We need people we can share our thoughts and emotions with. Some find those people in their parents, siblings, or partners. It really doesn't matter who they are. All that matters is that they are there for us and we are also there when they need us.
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Maybe when I ws younger I needed one especially when I was at school because it was a very insecure time in my life so I felt I needed some support. Now that I am older I have several close friends but they are all special in different ways so they are all besties.

I think everyone needs someone to talk to in times of need because bottling up problems is not good for you so someone to share good and bad times is necessary for our well being. I'm a very independent person and I am able to spend long periods of time alone but I know there is always someone I can visit or speak to on the phone when I need to.
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Everybody needs a person in their lives that they can confide in, go places with, and just have fun. Even in a marriage, your partner is normally your best friend. However, there are times that you just need some space and time away from each other. That is when a best friend comes in handy. They are there to give you a change in your life, add something new, go shopping with, have dinner or even drinks with.
I feel it is important to have a special friend in your life that can add something different to your life. You can talk with them about things that you can't talk to with your partner. Sometimes they just don't understand.
Furthermore, if you're not married or have a partner in your life friends are always there for you. If you are down and out they are there to make you feel better and pick you up again.
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Even electrons in an atom come in lone pairs. And when there's only one electron in an atom, it's not stable. So what the atom does is it shares the electron with another atom to make a stable molecule. If we upscale this, it's like saying no man is an island. That no one should be alone in this world, because if he or she is, he/she will not be stable. Which actually makes sense because it is always easier to have someone to talk to, to confide in, to discuss things with (not necessarily agree with each other all the time), to have someone talk sense into you or to have someone giving you advice although we all know we won't be doing what they're saying but we still keep asking them anyway, to have someone to do things together like shopping or drinking or crying. Maybe it is really a need to have a best friend (could be anyone: a platonic friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, sister, mom, or even your dog or cat or pet) because with a best friend everything is just lighter.
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I do believe, yes, we need to have a person that will be close to us, not a relative or part of our family, but a person not related by blood but will accept who we are and our flaws. I have lived 2 years of my life without a friend. Of course, I have lots of friends, but living a life, working and going home and going home then working, without no one to look forward to be seeing after work or during the weekend, a person who loves to listen to me when I started to share my problems because for sure when I share it to my family, they will just feel tired to know my weakness. I am not asking for a boyfriend before but God gave me two close friends that will surely hug me when I needed it. A person who will never stop listening to everything I want to say and will make it right whenever i did wrong. Best friend is one of our hero and everyone deserves to have one.
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If I may ask, how were you able to survive two years of not having friends?
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Yes its very very crucial. I have had several friends until lately I realised that I only have one true friend, who understands me and has been around with me for such a long time. I have several friends and as we're speaking am in trouble but there's only this one person whose accepted me and she's really helping me struggle with the situation.

Some friends are just there to have your company but will never stand by you in times of trouble. A true friend should be loyal and very open with you. But then, am that sort of a person whose more like an introvert. I am never comfortable with this whole friendship thing because I tend to disagree with people. I think one or two friends at most are good with me. Too many friends can ruin my morals.

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