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Is there anything matters in safety while cooking or reheating food in microwave? Should I cover food in microwave? If so, why?
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It not ideal to open your food while cooking or reheating using microwave, because there are certain invisible particles that are emanating from the walls of the microwave, and if they get into the food and eaten, it could be hazardous to one's health over time.
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Not really, but I tend to cover it with paper that is mainly for microwave safe so it won't spill everywhere.

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From my 30 years of experience in cooking I can say that there is nothing to worry about food safety when you are using microwave ovens for cooking or reheating.

You may use a cover if you are reheating some liquid type food such as a soup or while making some pop corns. It's just for preventing over flow or scattering outside of the bowl.
If you cover your food with a lid while reheating any food, you can prevent drying out of the stuff. You can retain moisture within food while using a cover.

So it's upto you and the type of food you cooking in microwave, you should decide whether to cover or not.
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A good question and a good answer are also there. There are many misconceptions about cooking in microwave ovens. There is nothing bad or unhealthy in cooking in microwave whether it is covered or not. You may cover food while cooking in a microwave oven just for preventing the food content splashing inside the oven while heating. That's all I can find there as a food health researcher. Actually, the dangerous things while cooking is nothing but those preservatives and taste makers. Never use those kinds of stuff. You know one thing the manufacturers of these kinds of taste add-ons are the owners of medicine companies too. So beware of colors,taste-makers, and preservatives you are using in your food.

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