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I recently came across this Facebook page called The Flat Earth Society. They posted images and video clips that they think actually proves that the earth is indeed flat. I wonder what kind of science this people are patronizing.
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The only thing I would say to such people is that they should go study their geography properly. Apparently, the earth can't be flat. We were thought that the earth is spherical in shape that is why if you journey from point A to B on the surface of the earth, it would not lead you to point C, because you are expected to return to the point A where you started the journey from. If the earth was flat, it would have led the traveller to point C. This single prove was supported by Christopher Columbus in one of his voyage across the planet earth. 
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I always believe that the earth is round, if those people believe that the earth is flat, let them believe it until they will realized that is not true.

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Well each person has the right to believe in whatever they want, and creating videos and documentaries is not that hard nowadays, so making up stories and facts is quite easy. Many people believe the craziest things, but how would the whole solar system have "round" planets and just earth be flat? Makes no sense and you do not even need to think or know so much. I guess these people are trying to believe in other things because they just like to doubt...which they are entitled to. I think some people believe many other craziness out there and believing the earth is flat is not even that bad, even though it is incredibly funny and silly to believe in that in my humble opinion.
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It is funny in some aspects and sad in others. With modern day technology and all the images we have from space it is really difficult to understand why people still believe the world is flat and not round. I guess each person has their own way of seeing the world we live in today. Some want to believe it is flat so that we can come together closer on a single plane than to travel halfway around a ball to get to where we are going. It is a lot easier to lay the earn flat out on a piece of paper and draw your lines from point A to B. On a round surface it makes it very hard to turn to ball around to draw your line.
I guess no matter how much we have proved the earth is round and it rotates around the sun there will always be some who just can wrap their minds around this fact. Therefore, we can't say they are wrong, we shouldn't laugh at them, and we should just respect their beliefs. That is what makes each one of unique and different and who are we to try and change what they feel or believe in.
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I've always thought that this was very ignorant. I can understand a child with his limited knowledge believing that it is flat but as we progress in our education we learn differently. I can only think that anyone who believes this did not have much schooling.

Apparently the Flat Earth Society is made up of mostly Americans and Britons but it is growing in numbers and was formed in 2009. They offer media interviews on Twitter to explain why they believe the earth is flat and justify it because they say when we walk on it, it looks and feels flat. They think the round earth theory is a conspiracy put out by NASA.

To most of us this would seems like madness but some people need to believe in opinions not upheld by the majority, theories such as the end of the world or Planet Nibiru (largely ridiculed worldwide). They seem to think it makes them superior in that they can see things that the rest of us can't.
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I don't know why these people chose to believe that the earth is flat and ignore all the scientific proof dished out by experts through technology. I'm not sure if this is just an open rebellion because they seem to have a thing against NASA or perhaps they are truly believers. As weird as it sounds, members of the flat earth society keep increasing in hundreds yearly.

What baffles me the most is their interesting theory. They seem to believe that earth is like a disc. Flat and round with Antarctica in the middle surrounding a large mass of ice by the side. They believe that the sun moves in a circular manner and that there has to be an invisible moon responsible for eclipse.

I don't want to out rightly condemn them since everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'll just agree to disagree with them.
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I don' want to judge them but you see, when a satellite is circling the earth's surface, you can detect it is flat but it is not. Just like other planets, the earth is kind of circle or oval. It only looks flat because of the way the satellite view it. There is a channel at Youtube that is observing our planet every hour. You can see where are the places that have typhoon and where the sun shines. Even with those views, it doesn't look flat. It is indeed circle. It is like a ball. Like the shape of other planet. Even the moon look like a ball. The satellite only makes it look flat. It is easy to make up stories and sometimes it is easy to justify those stories based on what you really know and what you think it is. I don't want to judge them, i will just respect what they believe.
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If a person has gone through high school and learnt geography well, they'll know that the earth is not flat but rather spherical. Several proofs have been shown and some of them include, circumnavigation( if you were to travel the whole world, you'll come back to the same place because if it were flat you'll have landed in different world). We also have the proof of the earth's horizon. Standing on a raised ground, you will notice that the earth is curvy. There also other several proofs which show that the earth is spherical.

For those kind of people who are still persistent that the earth is flat, they should come with real proof other than those shown on the internet. I always believe in practicals and not theor
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I can't call them ignorant or their beliefs naive as the Flat Earth society is made up of very educated and civilized people with professionals in different fields of life. However, I can say that every member of the group probably shares one trait or characteristics, I don't know if there's a general term for it, it's the feeling of wanting to be different from the majority as a way of being known, recognized and associated with activities which has affected the lives of many.

I'll choose only the sun as focal point in contradicting their founding principles. Science through advance technology has proven the fact that the sun is 1 million times the Earth mass put together. It's 1,287,000 times bigger than a solitary earth. The sun's diameter is 1,392,000 km compared to the Earth's diameter of only 12,742 km.

Can they please explain to me how certain areas, regions and countries shields themselves from the sun if the Earth was flat. I mean, why don't the entire earth experience the same temperature at any given time if it were flat and given the known fact of the size of the sun.

I just might join the Flat Earth society if they can provide a valid explanation to my question.
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Now you made me think of that word. Do you mean nonconformists? I haven't browsed their posts much, but they MIGHT actually have some "evidences" relating to that. I think they have prepared themselves to almost all the questions that might be thrown to them to question their belief.
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Am I glad you just brought it out, yes, that's the word. And off course they might have answers to basic facts contradicting their own beliefs. I still can't imagine myself preaching such ideas to thr world, well, it's in their psychology, nonconformists. 

I just hope Virgin Galactic would put finishing touches to it's program so the Flat Earth society can be toured around space. 
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I think its a pretty crazy thing to believe. Even if you do not believe the scientific evidence that the earth round, a picture does not lie. Astronauts have went to space and taken incredible photos of our beautiful ROUND sphere of a planet we call earth. 

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