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Organized religion will be said to different from cult through their activities. I can attend any religion provided we are on the same page that we are talking about the same God even if you have different doctrine and perception and all you stand for is good over evil then I'm for it.I don't discriminate against worship pattern as far as you're referring to God but a cult is what it is,group of people coming together and not necessarily worshipping God. This is where I have problem with.

Their ideology and who the worship is just my problem. If I'm to go by what I read then I think Cult is about worshiping Satan and I don't think light have any business with darkness and I wouldn't want to go through such darkness.
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answered by Patron (1,914 points) 3 6 16
Organized religions are those religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism etc. All these religions have been established by our forefathers thousands and thousands of years ago or shall I say that they exist since time immemorial. If you observe closely, all religions advocate the same principles for the overall welfare of the humanity.No religion will preach hatred.
On the other hand, a cult is a division or a sect within a religion formed by people with vested interests. It will always be a break away group in any religion. From what I read, learned and understood so far, a cult in any religion always fool people, brainwash them and persuade them to believe the cult leader blindly.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
Organized religions are a group of people having common belief and they have a central dogma and doctrine which is formally established. Cults on the other hand are social groups of individuals. They also share a belief but they aren't mostly formally accepted. Their beliefs are usually skewed to a person, object, personality etc.

While organized religions somehow how have a unified system relating to the believe in something divine, cults have systems and beliefs that are often different from social norms. While some people would associate all cults with something dark and Gothic, some cults are often political, scientific, environmental etc with beliefs that are different from what is socially accepted.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
Don't take this the wrong way because I was raised differently and don't believe in just one God that has so many different religions and ways to worship him.

In my eyes, organized religion can be taken as a form of a cult. It appears to me that one person will stand up in front of a group of people and preach his words that he has written to the ones who sit there and listen to him. They will use the name of God to make you believe it is wrong to have sex before marriage, have an abortion, drink or even smoke. They will put the fear of some unknown being in your head that if you do any of these things you are dammed for hell. Is this not a cult in some ways? In certain ways, this is a form of brainwashing the public into doing as they say and believing as they are told to believe.

What is a cult leader? He is very much like a preacher. He will get a group of people and brainwash them into following him and doing as he commands.Take for example the cult in Waco Texas and how this one man was able to persuade so many people to take their own lives in the name of God. The only different between him and a preacher is the fact these people were living on his land under his care. A preacher does basically the same in a building, but the people are free to leave when the service is over.

I personally, don't see much difference in the way we look at this. They are both preaching to you to persuade you to think like they think and to believe in what they have told you to believe in. I feel that beliefs should be free and we should form our own beliefs without being preached to and told what we should believe in or not. My mom is American Indian and I was raised to believe in the spirits and the Gods of the land, air, rain, sky, moon, star, mountains, seas and basically all of nature. We need to respect all around us and live a clean healthy life and not take too much that we can't use and leave the rest for others who need it.
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I was waiting for someone to say this.
replied by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
All you basically need to do is look at history and what happened. In America, they came to preach the word of God and in the end, they killed and destroyed the American Indians. there are so many lessons to be learned from all this and what does it all boil down too? Why do they do this? It is all in the name of God. Sorry, I don't buy this at all. 
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Organized religion is where people come together with one common goal. In order for this to be different from cult, this organized religion needs to have one central focus and this central focus should be GOD, centralizing the word of GOD, worshiping GOD and not idols like our forefathers did.
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answered by Patron (2,988 points) 3 11 21
When you say organized religion what do you exactly mean? Is it about all the other religions like christianity, hindu, muslims and the rest. Anyway, when you look at all these religions they all believe in God. But the way some of them define God, it could come out differently like say Indians, they believe in their god's which are in the form of sculpts or people themselves, muslims believe in Allah and christians believe in God. All of us have some kind of believe. Etheists do not believe in any God, that's where cults come in. A cult is a sect that has believes that are contrary to what we believe, they dò things that are not acceptable in society and moat of what they do is seen as weird. I don't know much about cults so i cannot expound much on it.
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The word is related to culture, colon and colony, but nobody ever defines what a "cult" is. We have to treat it as a general purpose insult for somebody else's church.

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