I think it is because we can help a lot of people.
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Being a volunteer is a big responsibility, of course.We have to develop mental ability and mind balance to work as a volunteer ,ie to work without getting any money
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We do need to be stable mentally and physically when doing volunteer,ing especially across the border. It happens to me before and was a worth experience.
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It depends what am volunteering to if it is doing something that you love and like doing yes it will be fun. I have never volunteered doing any kind of job but if I ever do that I want to do something I like. Some people just volunteer so that they can have experience or have an upper hand at getting the job they like by looking like they love that job.
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It is a priceless thing to do for the people to know the importance of volunteerism. I tried this before and until now, they are still using what I taught them.
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Yes it is fun , but we need time for it and for me I don't have that time to make a volunteer for institutions , but I help my old neighbors if they want to buy for them anything from the town or if they need any help .
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Volunteering on free time, for good things or activities are fine. But we need time for that too. Helping others in need is also a volunteering activity. 
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I think it depends. If you do it knowing you love it, then it's fun. Some people volunteer to impress people around them to gain something, they won't have fun and they won't do it while heartedly. They will lack the passion. 
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By offering to be a volunteer, you are helping in the development of your community. You become a responsible citizen. J.F Kenedy said, 'do not think of what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.'
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Yes, being a church officer is recognized as a volunteer because we're not paid there and it's our will to serve not only our church mates but most of all God. I love doing activities in church because the happiness of helping and the vibe it brings me costs more than a money can afford
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I think being a volunteer is actually very fun, sometimes i would imagine how fun it would be to a volunteer at the world athletic championship or fifa world cup.
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