What are the best healthy drinks for energy? I'm a beginner athlete and I want to stay active and strong even after long practices. I don't want to feel grumpy and weak, it would make me embarrassed. Thanks for your response.
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If you have just started to work out the best way to help your body is by preparing your own energy drinks at home using fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people who work out invest in a juicer and prepare these drinks at home. They are healthier for you and won't contain the sugar or other ingredients that manufacturers add to their commercial drinks. You can find many energy drink recipes online that you can easily prepare at home in just a few minutes. I'd stay away from commercial drinks if you are trying to tone your body and build up your muscle mass.
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Vitamin B12- its really a great source of energy for both the kids and adults. This is easily found in fresh milk.

Coconut water-coconut water contains great number of minerals and one of such includes potassium.

Acai berry- its juice contains vitamin B,potassium plus fatty acids.It provides energy to boost metabolism rates.
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