Is it weird to talk about poop?
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Because poop smells bad and he might be talking someone who is eating or easily gets disgusted.

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I realized that too. Many people find it weird to talk about poop. They feel so ashamed to say that they went to the toilet or latrine and released poop.
Poop is associated with dirt because it comes from the body as the food that was not digested. So it is taken as dirty things coming from a human body.
Moreover, poop has a bad oduor that human beings hate. So when you talk about it, people start imagining that bad smell that is associated with it.
Also, I think people find it weird to talk about it since when one goes to the toilet to release it, they do it individually and don't want to be seen by anyone while doing it. So poop is just something private.
Poop is something so natural and biologically good. People should not find it weird talking about it. But you know, people do not just change things all over sudden so we should just let it be. Avoid talking about it when people are seated for a meal, that is an advice to take to the bank.
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I guess it's a psychological thing why people are disgusted with the word poop. Others have fun talking about it but others feel uncomfortable 
This is quite a reasonable and knowledgeable answer and I think you are quite right considering the angle you are seeing the question from poop is indeed a good biological substance.
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I don't know if I would call it weird as it's a natural body function but it is rather inappropriate at times. I call my little guinea pigs poop machines because they seem to do nothing else and I'm always clearing up after them but somehow that's different from talking about human's pooping.

In the UK we call jokes about it "schoolboy humour" because it's something they find funny when they are young. I'm not embarrassed about it as we all have to go but I probably wouldn't bring up the topic in conversation with strangers as they might think I was a bit odd!

It's a private thing and you wouldn't want people around you while you were taking care of it so although I wouldn't call it weird I do understand that not everyone wants to share their toilet habits.
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I think it is a natural instinct for people to feel weird talking about poop. As much as it is a biological process that everyone experiences, to be honest, it is kind of disgusting talking about it. Talking comes with imagination and when you talk about poop, you begin to imagine all the disgusting stench associated with it. We all know that poop is not a pretty sight.

So basically, most people aren't ashamed to talk about it but they are disgusted by the imagination. I wouldn't want to have a long conversation about poop, but I can always say when I did it or if I'm pressed to do it. Everyone does it and it is a natural phenomenon.
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I wonder what will be nice about talking about poop it will be more disgusting than even weird to me. I'm a very sensitive person and dirt disgust me a lot and can be nauseating to me,so as not to poke I will rather not talk about it.

I'm sure they're  many people like me that would see poop talks as not just being only weird but dirty and would rather not talk about it. In fact anyone that discuses poop and finds it funny need to see a psychiatrist. Such a person might just need some help because it can't be a normal thing to just start talking about poop.Are you talking about poop as food or as snack that would be pleasant to see and taste or what?
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Well of course not as a snack or food or something pleasant to see. The whole discourse about poop is always disgusting for some people, i don't understand why. It's a normal thing. When someone says he/she is having a hard time pooping, why should it be disgusting? Aren't you supposed to be worried for them and probably present them with things that could relieve their pooping problem? It's just that when people hear the word poop, the initial reaction is always "ew. you're so disgusting" without even listening to what the person would have to say.

I don't know. I'm a microbiologist. We test for bacteria present in poop, like E.coli, Salmonella, parasites. I mean, there is more to poop that just being disgusting.
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Some people find it weird while some do not.

I think people find it weird to talk about poop just because for them it is not appropriate to talk about it, as it is something we do privately. Perhaps, it also makes their imagination active; hence, it irks them to even have it mentioned in passing.

On the other hand, some do not at all find it weird to talk about poop, especially with people they are comfortable with. Pooping is a perfectly normal thing to do. It is not as if you are going to bring up the whole idea of poop and pooping to intentionally irritate or annoy someone, then that would be a completely different thing.

So, do you find it weird to talk about poop?
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I see your point, people are laughing at inappropriate things they hear or see. That's why this word sounds funny to most of us
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I do find this one rather funny. It is easy for a person to tell their children to go out in the yard and clean up the dog poop, but when it comes about children or adults talking about their own poop it is tabu. I personally don't see the difference in all of this. When you are teaching a small child to go to the toilet we are telling them it is OK to poop in the toilet. We also scold them if they poop in their pants. We tell them that they need to use the toilet to go poop and not to do it in their pants.
The only thing that gets me is how a person can sit at a table and brag about the biggest dump they took or how they can leave a table telling everyone that they have to go take a dump in the toilet. Now in cases like this, I think it is better left unsaid than to say this at a table when you are eating. In your mind, you are thinking about this and the horrible smell it leaves behind. I can see why this should be a forbidden topic to discuss at the table. But then on the other hand if you have a small child and at the dinner table they decide to poop their diaper this one is a subject of interest and it has to be discussed.
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I do not find it weird to talk about poop especially in private, I mean when I am with my friends and not in public. We make it as a joke. I think it will be good to talk about when the place is appropriate like if you are not in public and if you are not eating because one can lose an appetite. Everyone poops but some of the people have strong imagination like they start to imagine what it looks like whenever someone is describing a poop. Some might heard the poop word and they will lose an appetite. Some do not feel like talking about it so you better give a signal before starting a conversation. I am always laughing when that is the topic. Actually it is not a laughing matter to talk about it because it is regularly happening but I still laugh, and I look like a nerd.
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From my locality, it may sound like disrespectful because it's viewed as something dirty yet everyone's releases it. Someone will prefer saying urine that poop.  But it may sound very decent when a person says "long call' other than that word. In fact some people just like me, have really a bad mentality and if someone mentions to them the word  " poop" they might end up vomiting because they can picture that stuff and translate it in their minds.

I personally don't think it can be such a good idea talking about poop in front of people. Using a slag or a decent words might be okay. In fact It depends also with the people you are talking to about and the environment.
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Due to the nature of poop it should be completely strange to bring it up has a subject of discussion in the midst of people. There is this feeling of irritation that goes with it whenever it being mentioned. I can't imagine it being mentioned when i am having a good time with my delicious meal, it make me feel nauseous.

I guess this is basically as result of the whole thought of the smell when you inhale it and the slimy appearance of it when you look at it. Most people find it really difficult to even look at lower animal poops talk more of their fellow man's.

Frankly speaking, I have never seen an individual talking about it confidently with he/she being look at resentfully. It is not just normal to do so because it has element of disgust and repulsiveness attached to it.
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I guess not just poop, there are a lot of things around us which we feel weird to talk about, In my opinion, it's because of the society we live in which has made its own rule and regulation and divided things in two, that can be talked or not.
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People find it funny and yucky at the same time, poop is also a stereotype for us that is part of trash and has foul odor as well. It's irritating to hear this when eating and relaxing but when we're laughing it's a good part of a joke tho.
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It's waste and people do know how disgusting that stuff is and can't stand talking about it . Even while growing when I went to the hospital and they requested for my poop I would be so amazed but it's just a normal thing. 
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It is a wierd topic because the substance is quite unpleasant and is considered  a waste substance.therefore making it an unpleasant topic.
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