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Sometimes I read  my replies to a question and think they are all so good that it is hard to select a best answer. Do you ever feel this way?
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Yes, I do.

Here, in this forum, I've so far not found vague answers. In fact, a few of them are pretty impressive to qualify for the best answer tag. But, there could only be one best answer. There're a few of my questions where I found it really hard to segregate one. I even felt like selecting one would be an injustice to a few others. 

However, I always like to read something new. People portray things in a diverse manner. Some of them have their own lucid way of describing something, while others could add valuable contents. Both of these make an answer intelligible. Besides, when people write there mind out, it shows. The content becomes dynamic. And, a content which compels the reader to vote for it, is indeed the best answer. 

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Yes! Sometimes I feel this way. Most of the answers I get are so good. They are quite good and very explanatory. I must commend members here for that. I'm a little biased when I pick some best answers where the person gives an answer from his or her personal experience. Experience they say is the best teacher.

Other times I'm more inclined to pick answers that are well versed, thought about and covers a broader perspective.When I read some answers I can somehow tell that person is in a rush to go to the next question and doesn't think much of it.

Some answers are also skewed to one angle in criticism to other views especially questions that do not ask about your personal opinion Some people talk about how they would want something to be rather than general or relative motion.
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I think this is a very relevant and important question. And to answer that, yes.

One of the reasons why I like this site is that fellow members actually devote time to give a very meaningful response to every question. I really appreciate this community since they have been very helpful. As a new member, I tried to ask about what I am currently studying and even though it was a bit technical (I thought no one will be interested in answering them, seriously), I was never disappointed to the responses that I received, not to mention the number of answers and replies.

With that, I really find it hard to select one answer because I know that they have put up real efforts to answer my questions. In fact, most of the time I think one "thanks" is not enough to give credit to what I have learned and realized from the insights that they've shared.
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I can understand your dilemma when it comes to choosing the right answer to your question. Each person has such a unique point of view and gives valuable insight to help you with your problem. It is so hard to say which one is better than the other in most cases. Therefore, I can only decide on which one of the answers gave me the best insight and helped me the most in what I've asked. This is the answer I will select as the top answer for my question.
Other times this one is more difficult because the question I've asked wasn't actually answered at all. I received many replies to the question but each one was based on or focused on a different topic or solution to my problem. In cases like this, I have no other choice but to wait a bit longer and see if anyone else can offer a solution or answer to my question.
I've asked a few questions that the answers were so bad and didn't help at all that it wouldn't be fair to select one of them as the top response to my question.
My only suggestion is to do as I do. Read the answers and decide on which answer gave you the most valuable information and select this answer as your top answer. That is what I have to do when I select my answers.
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Yes, sometimes I find it hard to select the best answer because there are lots to choose from. Me, I am getting 3 response of my questions and most of the people shared their response already shared something personal or based on their experience. When people are sharing something about their experience, I appreciate it. If only I could give the best answer to all, but the best answer only goes to one. I do not choose the best answer to the first response, but I rather wait for new responses to come because I love reading ideas. The effort of helping me to answer my question is a big thing for me already so I guess everyone deserves to be thank but only one best answer. It is hard and everyone keeps on improving and understand the site more is much appreciated.
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