All lawyers are liers and didn't have ethics in life and profession.
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In my book, most lawyers are liars. They can never be saying the real truth. I had seen some of them who are liars that will conceal the real truth and just to win their cases.
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It is because of the nature of the work. They are trained to argue which usually entails lying even in the face of concrete evidence. You can not blame them their clients are very demanding and winning a case is crucial and top priority to clients not your ethics or morals.
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But has a human being , we should have some moral values and ethics in life at least. Didn't bring the work nature of immoral words and lies in the personal life.
That is true but a lot of people out there are motivated by money. Do you know how much some lawyers earn per sitting? Isn't that enough temptation? Perhaps you should google it.
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Not all of them, it depends on their moral  if they get money to change the truth , if they are greedy and working only for money first , there is a lot of them liars. they are the same as doctors if you don't pay them extra money to visit them in their clinic outside the hospital they will not even give you appointment to see you in the hospital.
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