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New dictionary words start from a single individual to the rest of the world. When you form a word with a meaning that you deem and use it often in writing and speech, Others pick it up too. If the word spread so much so that it gets cited by dictionary editors, there's probability of it getting into the dictionary.
After reading and marking the word, it is cited with the source and when there's citation from various sources, there's higher probability of it being added into the dictionary. This is how words like frenemy and webisode became dictionary words. You can also creat your own word and if others find it good enough to reuse often, it becomes a thing.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,060 points) 5 21 52
The editors of dictionaries will spend a few hours a day reading newspapers, magazines, online publications, different published material, published books and anything published electronically. They will find words that aren't in the dictionary and determine if they would work or not. But before doing this they must determine the meaning or the usage of the word. The editors mark all words of interest along with the word's context and outlining text.
If the word seems of interest and might be a possibility to add to a dictionary they are entered into a computer and stored in a machine-readable form. Furthermore, they will create a 3 x 5 card that is also stored on the computer. On the card is the word, the context, surrounding text, and how the word was used in a sentence.
Now it is up to the editors to review each of the citations and determine if this will be added to the dictionary or not. Normally the editors will only review a small segment of the letters at a time to make it easier to review the words and what words are already published in the dictionary. The meaning of the word and the context in how it was used will play an import role in determining if this word is added to the dictionary or not.
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There should be lot of citations that the word is used. There is an editor of a specific dictionary that research on how many times the words are used in publications, in media and even in simple communication with people we see everyday. New word should be proven to use all the time. The meaning should be ask from a number of people before they come up with the real summarized meaning. They even should come up with a situation that a word is used for it. They should know the right spelling and after that a certain revision is necessary then they will put it on dictionary and giving birth to a new word. They will make the world know and make it official. That is the way to put on a new word in dictionary. Sometimes they should even put a decision of a new word should be included in the dictionary depending on its respective use.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
New words are added to the dictionary when a word or a slang is used by a lot of people and the dictionary editors feel the need to adopt such words to be a recognized word then it will sure get it way into the dictionary.

When a word will perfectly describe a thing and people have began to use it,so to make it official it will be adopted into the dictionary so that it can be  used by all.

I also thing some words came from a previously used word in the dictionary, I see a lot of words that were already in the dictionary being rewritten in another way to mean another thing  but it will be obvious it coning from a word, that was formed already.

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