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The first reason why people are either left handed or left handed is mostly genetic.Experts assert that the left or right handedness is connected with ones biological genes and I think this one will be difficult to correct since it comes from within .

Majority of people are right handed because the D gene in the body of each individual supersede and that helps to make the right hand more powerful than the left though the reverse is the case for left handed people because it seems their left does better than the right.

Apart from genetic factor I think some people just decided to be left handed because I have a cousin that just love working with his left hand and he is now used to it.
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While scientists attribute the use of the left hand to genetic activities in the brain, some recent research have connected it to gene activities in the spinal cord that controls left and right movement. They say that the part of the brain which controls arm and leg movement send signals to the spinal cord at about 8-13weeks but way before then, there is already some genetic activities in the spinal cord.
I like to go with the theory of the gene alleles that controls the dominant hand. Individuals who posses C gene have 50% probability of being left-handed or right-handed while individuals with D gene are right handed.

Environmental factors such as society also affects this. Some people are born left handed but some societies frown at that and they are forcefully made to change as toddlers. I'm an adult now but I'm always challenged for being left handed. Someone told me once that being left handed is cursed. When they say "how are you comfortable with your left," I reply "same way you are with your right."
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Science can explain this through our gene pool and the D or C gene that is located on the left side of our brain that is said to promote speech and language. It has been documented and determined that 85% of the population is born with the D gene which will dominate the right hand and not the left. However, the other 15% of the population who are born with the C gene doesn't necessarily mean they will be left-handed. There people who have the C gene that is right-handed and not left-handed.
I for one was always able to use both my hands at the same time. So what does this mean, I have both the D and C gene on the left side of my brain? When I was younger I could write with both hands at the same time. I didn't have an issue using my left or right hand to perform anything I wanted to do. However, when I was younger this seemed to be an issue for the teachers at the schools I attended. I was forced to stop using my left hand to write in class.

I feel this didn't only happen to me but to others who wrote or used their left hand. Many beliefs in the past world force students to use their right hand in school. I knew some others in my class that used their left hand to write or do other tasks. The teachers would force these students to use only their right hand when they were in school. I personally thought this was wrong and continued to use both of my hands when a teacher wasn't around. Still today I can write with both of my hands the same as when I was younger. This came in very handy once for me when I ended up breaking my right arm. Lucky for me I just went on with life and used my left hand until my right one healed.
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Basically, the cause of left or right handedness is genetics. Gene of a human being happens to be inheritable traits that are transfered from parents to an offsprings. From simple sense of reasoning, it can be said that an individual that is either left or handedness handed got it from his/her parents, most times from the father since he is usually the one with the dominant genes.

Apart from genetics being the primary cause of left or right handedness, there are other factors that can also contribute to left or right handedness such as societal beliefs. Some trandition have the belief that it is wrong for someone to be left handed. Due to this erroneous belief, someone that is left handed could be compelled to be right handed.

But for my case, I have been a chronic left handed someone right from the day I was born. And this is attributed to inheritable cause of left handedness because my dad is also left handed.

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