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the best energy drinks. What brands offer energy drink no caffeine? Need to go natural along the way so your suggestions would be a great help. Thanks!

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Hi Sir,

There are a few brands that offer Energy Drinks with 0% caffeine and im going to list a couple :

1) Kvass :


This is a healthy drink that offer your body with energy without using caffeine, Kvass is popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.

2) Coconut Water :


Really healthy and natural and also caffeine free, it's truly nature's finest juice, it can give your body high a enegy boost.

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If you are wanting to go natural then an energy drink isn't the best way to go. Even if there is no caffeine in the drink it is packed with sugar. If you are looking for an energy drink it is best to make your own at home. You will add all natural ingredients to a juicer and know what you are drinking. I stopped buying all types of juices, flavored water, and soft drinks in the store years ago. They have way too much sugar and other things added to them. It is best to buy your own fruit and vegetables and make your own drinks. They are healthy for you and give you more energy than energy drinks do.

Furthermore, an energy drink will boost your energy level for a few hours and when it wears off you go crashing down and are so tired. This is hard on your body and another reason to not drink them. Your own energy drinks made at home will give you plenty of energy and keep you healthy at the same time. 
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Try Young Living Essential oils. You can either diffuse the oils or ingest them. What I do to boost my energy is that I add a drop of peppermint vitality and lemon vitality in my water or juice. Sometimes I diffuse it in the room to keep me active or put peppermint on your temples. It helps awaken your system. You need not drink any energy drink. The oils alone is a superb way to boost your energy. Dottera also produces essential oils like Young Living. The only difference is that Dottera does not have a vitality line. You can't ingest their oils unlike Young Living Essential oils. They have a line for vitality. Essential oils are safer because they are naturally extracted from the main source. No chemicals, no caffienes added.

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