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If you're a food junk tell your favorite dishes and desserts of Turkish food? Also, talk about the best Turkish restaurants you have visited?

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I am not sure with the name of the foods i ate. I do remember, a former boss went in the office and brought us some foods. From the smell I can really tell it is a Turkish foods. It is more of a spicy and strong smell of Turmeric. He brought variety type and because there is nothing of a name posted on every box, I don't know what it called. I remember a flat bread and I dip it on different spices. The spices are with color yellow, orange and red. It has a meal that has a soup like that is red color, I love it , it really leave a strong spicy taste but I think if I am dieting, it could be a great help because without an effort I was perspiring. I am really sorry that I can't share a name because even my boss do not remember the name. It was not introduced.
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