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I want to upload my photos on facebook. But, I want to make my photo attractive. Can anyone suggest me an app/tool for this?
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There are several ways to do so! If you are looking for an Android app than I would suggest you to go with Auto Stamper. It can add stamps like Date Time, Signature Text, Watermark Logo & GPS Stamp on photos captured with default built-in cam!

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There are a whole lot of apps that you can make use when you are looking at making your pictures and photos as beautiful as you want before you upload them on any social media platform. The one that I am using at the moment is known as sweet selfie. This is an app that you can download on Google Play Store and start  using to make your photos look nice and attractive when you post them on the internet. The good side of this app is that it is free to use as you don't always have to spend extra money when you download it.
There is this other one known as beauty plus and although I have not had the opportunity to make use of it at the moment since the one that I am using is giving me the necessary features that desire, I think that it is one that you can use and really get value out of as well.
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Seriously, I'm very surprised hearing that you are not familiar with so many applications that can offer you the best features to edit your pictures and tune it up to your taste before uploading it to any social media sites of your choosing. If my memory serves me correctly, back in the days it's Picmix that was very popular and used by so many people but today, there are countless pictures editing softwares and applications.

There are so many examples of such applications and they include the following ; photo studio, Photo editor, Pixlr, Adobe Photoshop, SnapPic Collage, Cartoon photo editor, Photo collage, PhotoGrid, Selfie Photo editor, Cut paste photo editor, PIP camera, S Photo editor, Photo effects, Beauty Camera photo editor etc.

All these applications are available on Google Play store.

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