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An essay is, usually, a part of writing that gives the author's own quarrel but the meaning is indistinct, overlapping with persons of a piece of writing, a leaflet, and a short tale. Essays have usually been sub-classified as formal and informal. Essay writing has different types, Mainly 4 types, Narrative Essays, Descriptive Essays, Expository Essays, and Persuasive Essays. If you want to get the best essay writing service please visit the site best essay writing service. This site contains a different type of the essay forms, structures, and tips, and also helps to give best guidelines about all the essay writing. This is very good and clear one.
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There are four main types of essays, and they are:

1) narrative essay

2)argumentative essay

3)descriptive essay

4)expository essay

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You've already answered your own question. I'm not sure what you need from us. You have broken down the listing of what essays a person can write. 

  1. Narrative - telling a story.
  2. Descriptive - describing something like a picture or a painting.
  3. Expository - writing only the facts.
  4. Persuasive - convince a person.
These are the different styles of writing that are used in essay writing. 
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An essay is an article that states the writer's thoughts on any given subject like travel, festival, annual day celebrations, birthday party, marriage function etc. It can be either prescribed or casual in nature.

It is being written in various ways like sequence of events, expressive as well as convincing. There are different ways and guidelines to write essays.

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