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Over the recent years, polls and surveys have shown a significant decline in it's general beliefs, placing astrology as somewhat pseudoscience. Regardless of this report, I still believe astrology has the power and means of divining information in the life and affairs of humans through directional studies of celestial objects. So yes, I do believe in astrology.

Works of astrology dates as far back as 2millenium BCE when different cultures adopted it's process as a divine means of communication. It was like science, an advanced means of technology back then.

Unfortunately, civilization as well as weternization has made astrology seem like an old system of religion, a process demanding too much efforts before actually decoding a message from it's study. This is right to a extent, but astrology is not old fashioned, as Western astrology which dates back it' origin between 14-19 Century BCE is still in use till date.

Michel de Nostredame also known as Nostradamus was a believer, student and master of astrology. His combined use of horary and judicial astrology along with dark arts made him the greatest seer and prophet the world has ever known. His renowned for prediction some of the world's major events from the 15th century till modern day and way beyond our present date. Some examples of his predictions is the French revolution, Adolf Hitler with WW2, 9/11 and even his own death, all of which he prophesied through the use of astrology.

Napoleon too, one of the world's greatest leader used astrology consultations for his day to day activities. It is believed that astrological odds were against him, showing warnings of an imminent danger, but still, he went on to fight in the battle of waterloo where he died.

Drawing from this, it's only right to say that astrology has come a long way and helped shaped some of man's important history. The power of astrology is undeniable and I believe a lot call still be achieved through it's continued study.
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I don't know how certain signs on your birth chart or the lines on your plan indicate something in your life, however, I strongly believe that astrology is an ancient science. I think astrology can answer your past and present because you have lived those times. I am nor sure about the future.
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What I believe is that Astrology can define the blue print of our life. It tells us the possible opportunity that will come along and we can decide whether we will try that opportunity or not. It can tell us everything from love, decision, careers and education and even our future might be. It serves as a guide to the path we should be trying out and if that gives us something that we want or give us satisfaction and happiness then we can use Astrology guide over and over. We cannot depend on it alone as it needs us to work on ourselves to try things if it works for us. It is just a guide for decision and sometimes it leads to a better decision. I am not depending my life on Astrology but I am not closing my door either because somehow it helps me with decisions before.
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Yes, I believe in astrology but I not totally living my life on whatever it's communicated to me by it. On the basis that the constellation of stars are helpful in making relevant future predictions on how events are going to play out in one's life is something I take at face level. Perhaps I am like that because of my faith. Agreeably, I am a devotee to worshipping and serving only true God but that does not mean I don't share in the believe of the existence of astrology because it's God that made stars and all the planetary bodies.

Actually, based on what I have heard and read about the horoscope and how it helps people in finding their paths in life, really got me curious to the point of making personal research on the subject. From my findings, I realized that astrology it something that most people are dependent on due to lack of good decision making ability. And they hence decided to leave their fate to it, which is for me is very wrong.
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