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I know I'm making the right decision when my conscience doesn't prick me. I always listen my self and When it doesn't feel right, I know it isn't right. Doesn't matter who thinks it is. Sometimes we take decisions that we think are right because the people we love and respect influenced the decision but deep down we feel that sting because we are doing right by others and not by ourselves.
I also know that I'm making the right decision when it is in my best interest and it doesn't hurt anyone or affect them negatively. When it comes to others however it is best to make your decision based on what is good for them and not what they want.
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Whether your decision is right or wrong is determined through the result of your decision. Your conscience might tell you that the decision is right, yet you may be making the wrong decision. The best way to make the right decisions is by consulting with a lot of people and doing a lot of research.
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I stand to disagree with that. The result of your decision should not determine whether it was right or wrong. We only get to see results after we've decided. We aren't in total control of what happens afterwards and that's where fate comes in. I know of a lady who sent her son to school that day despite the fact he was insistent on staying back home to do nothing. Of course she was right. Turns out he got kidnapped that day. Now can you say that she made the wrong decision ?
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Decision making ends when we are able to execute it and it comes out just the way we had predicted it.Making decision is one thing but seeing it come through for us is the hardest part.

To know one is making the right decision is when one is at peace with any decision taken no matter what other thinks.

When we can see the end product even while taking the decision. We can see through to the end that it will be a success.

When things starts falling into place as you strive along with the decision and we do not see regrets with it.

I always loved to work with my decision, and I have never regretted doing that at all.
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I know I'm making the right decision when I'm happy with it regardless of the outcome. Take for example a game of jenga. There are times when it is easy to decide what piece of block you're going to pull out because you know it's not going to cause the whole stack to collapse. However, as the game progress, the tower will grow higher and become more unstable making it more difficult to pull a block no matter how much time you take to think and how careful you are with your move.

Similar with life, sometimes it is easy to decide, oftentimes it isn't; and no amount of time and intelligence can assure that your choice will bear good outcomes. So as long as you're happy and contended with what you did, then that's all that matters. Remember that there is no such thing as zero risk, even science has uncertainties. What's best is for you to trust your instincts and live life with no regrets.
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I don't always, sometimes I think it is a risk worth taking. To be honest my decisions haven't always been right but I made them in good faith so if something doesn't work out and a situation turns bad then it is up to me to deal with it and make the best it.

Sometimes you instinctively know when something is right and the decision is easy to make but other times you aren't sure so you must do what you feel is best. When my granddaughter was younger she was being bullied at school. She begged me to leave and find another school so I chose the one her dad had gone to as he had done well there. I wondered whether it was the right decision but after talking with the head I decided we would do it. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made, no more bullying and a better academic achievement. Sometimes you really should trust your gut instinct.
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answered by LEGEND (6,394 points) 6 14 36
Am always selfless and whenever am making my decisions I usually consider those people around me whether they'll be hurt or not. If I go ahead with that decision and no one is hurt, that's when I'll know that have made the right decision. At times you might find that deciding on some issues is really hard and you really have to consult someone what you really should do. In this situation, the first person I always consider is my mom. Most of her decisions are a bit harsh but I usually follow them.

The only way you'll know that the decision you made is right is by being comfortable and contented with the decision and most importantly is being happy although some people are don't care.
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What if telling someone the hurtful truth at that moment was what was best for them? Like they needed to hear it to become a better person in life. 
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I can only know it after. There are lots of decision I made before and I realized something after all of it , that I made the right decision. First, it is hard to study in college. It was quite a struggle because of family problems and stress in everything at school. I decided not to quit because I needed a diploma because I need to find a job immediately after school. I didn't quit and I know I made the right decision. When there are lots of life that I will save because of that decision, even sacrificing my own well being, I will do it. That is the only legacy that I will leave this earth when I am gone. The legacy I will be leaving is not being selfish. I never became one. If my decision benefits all and they are in good situation, I know I made the right decision.
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It's not difficult to tell if you're making the right decision or not. You can always count on your inner voice to communicate to you if you are on the right path in decision making. It is even more easier if you are the type that listens to his/her intuitive spirit. We all have this sensitive part of us that serves as compass in guiding us in whatever we do. And interestingly, this inner compass has the unmistakable ability to lead us aright.

Decision making process is not something done arbitrarily. It requires great sense of personal effort to be fully accustomed to how it works. Unfortunately, most us has never taken out time to carry out self-assessment in this regard. All they do is to act according to either how they are swayed by what others are doing or they are making superficial decision that has no base with their inner compass.

Finally, a decision made by keenly listening to one's inner voice can never go wrong. And even if peradventure, it didn't go as planned, you can be rest assured that there was a reason for it turning out the other way round, which could be blessing in disguise in the long run.
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You don't necessarily need a judge to tell you that you are doing the right thing or taking the right decision. What is moral in a society or by religion doesn't require much explanations to understand. However, there are certain circumstances that a person with conscience will have to ask him/her self if the path is right or wrong. So, in my sincere tterm, doing the right thing or taking the right decisions doesn't necessarily need to satisfy everybody rather than to make sure the conscience is muchly clear.
We live in a world where many people do not find it important to ask them self is what they are doing is right or not. But trust me, when you're doing the right thing, you will notice a vision ahead and even the people which might not be all but larger number will be happy. Putting smile in people's face is a typical example, once they are happy surely they will show appreciation and that will trigger your satisfaction.

Though taking right decision depends on individuals definition, because even the evil believes he/she is doing yheright thing.but you will only know by the reactions by the truthful majority.
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One thing that I have come to understand about life is that there is no way it's going to be possible to please every single person whom you have something to do with. Even if what you are doing appears to be good and justified by all means necessary, there will definitely still be some people who wouldn't be happy or feel good with what you have done or still doing. This is just the way life is especially in our current world today. Things weren't as bad as this in the past with our forefathers but now, human beings are very hard to be satisfied.

So, when it comes to me bothering about those who are happy or pleased with what I have done, what I normally do is make sure that right down deep within me, I'm absolutely convinced that I'm doing the right thing, so I could easily careless what others say about it.

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