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I don't believe of some of them because others are making it fake just to earn money but, I amsure there is one faith healer that is true out there.

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Seeing they say is believing. I believe in faith healers because I've seen a lot of people with life threatening conditions that surpassed the Power of all available medicine get healed by faith. It takes faith From the healed and the healer. They say the human mind is the strongest weapon and when mind connects with soul, it is beyond the invisible. While it may seem all played out to those who do not believe, it takes one to no one.
Faith is something very strong from inside and isn't confined to today's organized religion. I've always said that there's a deeper spiritual part in everyone. There's a god in all of us and our ability to establish that relationship is the key. We'll be astonished by all the possibilities there is.
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I have always believed in faith healing and I will continue to and I wish more people will come to terms with this and try to exercise their faith whenever they're sick in any area of the body to received the needed healing from the supreme being
Faith healing is as old as man before the advent of traditional and modern medicine what people depended on was faith healing and it really worked and of course still working provided one works in faith.

I believe in faith healers those actually send by God because they're so many fake ones now.But those that are called by God have the great powers to laid hands on sick people with faith and they will instantly have their healings.
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Before you we talk of the faith healers, the person who has the problem needs to have faith in the first place. Its always said that faith can do really great things. Yes I believe in faith healers and have seen several people on TV being healed although a good number of them are always fake and it make like a business. I personally, have never been healed by them because you might end up being shocked after being prophesized things that you never knew about in your life. But then, there are those who really have that gift but are very few and will not ask for any payment unlike the false Prophets. After all its God who heals a person and your faith matters a lot in this situation.
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I sort of believe in faith healers. As a person who grew up in a rural area, there have been a lot of times when we literally do not have access to "proper" health care. Hence, we usually call some faith healers nearby whenever we're sick but only when it's not the life-threatening kind of sickness. My parents are also good believers, and I guess they somehow influenced my judgment on this.

I remember one time when my sister got really sick. I think she was just 10 or 11 years old that time. We kept on consulting different doctors but they were not able to identify the cause of her sickness or perhaps they have but even so she didn't get better even though she has taken up every medicine they've given her. My parents then decided to go to a faith healer. He has this coin that he uses to heal. It is said that this is where he draws his powers, and every time he uses it, it becomes smaller and smaller. I cannot verify this, as I have only been there once. To cut the long story short, after several visits, my sister finally get better.

Perhaps, faith is really a powerful force? I may not be 100% convinced about this but if I will ever encounter such experience, I wouldn't think twice of visiting one.
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I'm the sort of person that does not really believe anything unless I can see it so not really. I do believe in mind over matter sometimes which is similar, being healed because you believe without doubt you will be,

My partner's mother is catholic and very religious. She gets holy water from Lourdes which is supposed to heal the sick and dying but she says it doesn't work unless you have faith that you will be healed. She gave me some when I had a big lump on my neck but it didn't work instantly and she told me it was because I was skeptical. It did disappear months later so she believes it did work. It was a non serious lump and would have got better in time anyway,

I think when I was younger I had more faith in lots of things but as I've travelled through life and seen many horrible things happen to others my faith in miracles has dwindled.
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I do respect on how they heal. For me they are healing the faith, like they are giving you faith that you will be healed. They have this plants and oils that they use to massage in your body that has problems and because you will believe that this person will able to solve the pain you are  feeling, you will get heal little by little. I am not sure if they have some studies that they take because for sure they do not have a degree to show, but only experiences and what their parents or even what they learned from somewhere are those things that they will able to show to everyone. They just believe that they can heal you and they are one of the better alternatives if you don't have money to be check by a doctor. I am too became a patient of faith healer and my auntie is a faith healer. She healed me.
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Sincerely speaking, there has never be a time that I believed faith healers, not that I have anything against them. It just that I don't seem to share in their practices. I am of the school of thought that whenever I want anything from my Maker, be it healing, deliverance, confession, supplication etc, I should be able to go and lay it directly at his feet. I also believe that since he is my heavenly father why using another person indirectly to reach him while can access him directly. For me though, it saves a whole lot of time and energy in doing so.

Retrospectively, I could remember back in my secondary school days when some of my fellow students that had responded to alter calls will be screaming and shouting while rolling on the floor that's after the faith healer has placed his hands on them. It was quite a spectacle to watch as some of them will make all kinds of tongue speaking and unbelievable confessions of what they've done in the time past. And how they would like to atone for their wrong doings.
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