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If I have my own book, what are the steps into making it a movie?
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Keeping your book script writing very simple. It's the very best way to getting it completed very quickly without any delay. 

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3 Answers

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This can work in several ways. Most popular books that are turned into a movie is because of the interest in the book. Steven King is one great author and so many of his books have become famous films. A movie producer and a team of writers will need to examine your novel to determine if this is a good fit for a film.

You can always try and write a film manuscript yourself and see if you can sell your idea. This is a lot of work and very hard to do. I feel that you'd need to try and meet with some film producers and try and sell your idea to them. You'll probably get turned down a few times before a person might take an interest in your novel and decide it is a good material to make a film on.
This doesn't happen very often and you'd have to have an exceptional novel before a person would consider this. Making a film cost a lot of money and most studios will consider your novel and how interested the public would be to see this. They are interested in getting an ROI back on the film they have produced and spent so much money on.
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You can be a producer yourself if you can with your own book. It is odd or luck to get your book into a movie not unless it is known to every part of the world. so, when it becomes a movie, everyone will become interested. You can hire a company or someone else to do a movie for you or sell your book first to any producers or directors, they might have an interest to make your book into a movie once they read it. You might need to include a script about the book so they have an idea about what's its look like to be. It is very rare I think to make a movie from a book. It would be nice if it base to a true story, then the story its lef is interesting to anyone. Better story, better book,good script and best movie,it might be in the end. Try to approach form movie industry about your book.
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Well, I would have given you the best tips on how to write your own book into becoming a movie but as I have yet to write a movie script successfully. I actually started working on one in the past but I was thrown off balance and till date, I haven't been able to get back at completing the movie script. At the moment, I don't have any plans on getting it completed but sooner or later I'm definitely going to get it done.

What I can tell you with writing your book and getting it to converted into a movie script would be to try your possible best in making your subject matter of the movie concise and simple. This would help you to not get confused and twisted in writing the movie script. I have personally seen some movie scripts that goes off point because the writer didn't make the topic simple and concise.
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